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Stolen Hours on TV

Turner Classic Movies is playing some of Susan's films
this month. On Sunday, June 24, Stolen Hours will be
played. Check your local listings for the time.

Re: Stolen Hours on TV

Thanks, Amy. I haven't seen that one since the eighties, now I can compare it with Bette Davis' Dark Victory.

Re: Re: Stolen Hours on TV

Thanks, Amy. I love the movie, but it's somewhat difficult to watch since it mirrors what happened to Susan in real life...it's uncanny, really.

Re: Re: Re: Stolen Hours on TV

Ditto for me, Ginger. I have the movie, which I do play from time to time. I regret that they took the dance scene out that Susan did, courtesy of Chubby Checker's instructions. Supposedly, the producers were afraid Susan's doing the twist would date the film, but it's dated when Susan makes the comment to Diane Baker when she's trying on wigs before her brain surgery, "This really is the new frontier," since that was the theme of John Kennedy's 1960 presidential campaign. I would have loved to see Susan doing the twist.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Stolen Hours on TV

Oh, so would I, Gloria! The footage of it is probably stuck back in some film vault somewhere..aargh!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Stolen Hours on TV

Maybe, if it ever comes out on dvd, the dance sequence will be a special feature. That would be so cool. I love the way she dances in "I Want to Live!"