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Bailey Bistro Gig/Susan's Song

Hi everybody,

I have a piano gig at Bailey Bistro, a wine and cheese bar, here in my town of Lee's Summit, Mo., and suburb of Kansas City. Their opening night is tomorrow night.. June 15th. This week I'll be playing Friday and Saturday night. I think I'll be playing pretty much on a regular basis on Saturday nights...depending on their business, etc. I suppose. They are going to display my CD "Garden of Dreams" and also I'll be playing my compositions from the cd. My style is a quiet, easy listening style, so that should fit in fine as dinner music. I will DEFINITELY be playing "SUSAN'S SONG" a lot, and if anybody asks me about it, I will most certainly tell them the background. I'll be thinking about her as I play it also and will feel a sense of tribute and honor as I play.

Well, you should all hop on a plane and come down and eat, drink, and listen..LOL! Think about me, anyway, okay? It's been quiet a while since I've played publically...concentrating mostly on teaching and composition and the cd for the last few years.

Okay, maybe I'll break a leg... LOL (but hopefully not my fingers!)

Re: Bailey Bistro Gig/Susan's Song/oops

I forgot to tell you that you can click the website url above for a little more info on the place.

Re: Re: Bailey Bistro Gig/Susan's Song/oops

That's awesome Ginger. Have a great time. I'll be thinking of you. Sounds like fun.


Re: Re: Re: Bailey Bistro Gig/Susan's Song/oops

Good Luck Ginger - what an accomplishment. I wish I could be there in person to hear you but I will have to content myself with your cd. Susan's song is wonderful and it's great to know you will be thinking of "Our Great Star" as you play.

I am sure we will all be thinking of you and wishing you well.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Bailey Bistro Gig/Susan's Song/oops

Yo, Ginger, way to go! I looked on their website, and it looks and sounds like just the kind of place I would love to sit in with friends, have a drink or two and listen to some great piano. Like yours, of course.

Best of luck. Just as Trish said, we'll all be thinking of you and wishing you luck, hoping this will turn into a permanent gig. And I think Susan will be listening, too.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Bailey Bistro Gig/Susan's Song/oops

Thank you, Christina, Trish, and Gloria! We've had a little setback. The management of Bailey's notified me last night that they weren't going to be able to open this week-end. They are having problems with electricians/electrical type stuff at the establishment so they are going to try to open Monday. Hopefully, I'll be working next week-end! I wish you all could be there too! I'll keep you posted on it this soap opera! LOL....Ginger

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Ginger, Congratulations on your gig. Hope it works out for next weekend--I'm sure it will. Better to have everything in order before the star appears!

Wish I could be there too. Maybe my ex-coworker who lives near you can go. I'll let her know.

What a wonderful gig to have, and I'm sure you'll be great.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Bailey Bistro Gig/Susan's Song/oops

Thanks, Jill!....and yes, I thought about your co-worker too. That would be pretty cool if she stopped by....As of now, I think I'll be there most Saturday nights...if they ever open.. LOL

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May I add my congrats and good wishes for your coming keyboard debut - even if it is a week later than first anticipated.

The venue sounds a delightful place to enjoy rendering your musical skills and may well lead to growing interest in your cd.

Good luck for opening night.



Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Bailey Bistro Gig/Susan's Song/oops

Here's my congratulations and hopefully it'll all work out next weekend! And please don't literally break a leg...that cast would be a bear to work around while playing!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Bailey Bistro Gig/Susan's Song/oops

Kerry, thanks!...and yes, they have said they would display my cds so I'm crossing my fingers and saying a prayer on this deal!

Re: Bailey Bistro Gig/Susan's Song/oops/for Howard

Howard, thanks! yeah, it would hard trying to pedal with a broken leg/foot..unless it was the left one broken.. could probably manage that.. ha.. oh, let's don't think about it,I'm starting to get leg pains... LOL