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With A Song In My Heart/A Serious Rumour

Hi everyone...I heard from one of the planners of the Jane Froman Centennial get together.. which will be held in Columbia, Missouri next fall that With A Song In My Heart is going to be coming out on dvd!...when, exactly, I'm not sure.. but I'm thinking maybe this fall! My contact said that those who attend the JF Centennial will be pre-viewing the dvd on Nov. 9th, 10th, and 11th!....I hope this all comes together as planned and that we will all have our hands on that dvd soon!

Re: With A Song In My Heart/A Serious Rumour

That's great news but I sincerely hope that the dvd will be playable all over - we can't play the Region 1 dvd's in the U.K. - only Region 2 and some that are made for everywhere.

I just have a copy of With a Song in My Heart taped from the tv - it's in pretty good condition considering it has been played so many times - too numerous to even think about! What a film but what a STAR. Susan said once "what would With a Song In My Heart have been without Jane Froman's voice on the soundtrack?" O.K. Jane's voice couldn't be beaten and I am a big fan of hers but what would it have been without our Susan? However, I am totally biased everything Susan ever did is wonderful to me!


Re: Re: With A Song In My Heart/A Serious Rumour

Trish, I certainly hope that the dvd will be playable in your region. Let's keep our fingers crossed on that one!

Yes, I think the Susan Hayward/Jane Froman combination was such a winning one! Susan Hayward absolutely honored Jane Froman in every way. As we've all read before, the two women will always be inseparable in the minds of the public.

Re: With A Song In My Heart/A Serious Rumour

FYI Susan lovers. I just ordered With a Song in my Heart as well as a couple of others on a site called Video Retro!!! Will report on the DVD when it arrives. I am so excited!!

Re: Re: With A Song In My Heart/A Serious Rumour

Hi Dani, welcome to the message board!

Is video retro a part of aol? I did a search and it led me to an aol site. I couldn't find the film, WASIMH, there. Is the dvd that you have ordered a copy that someone has made from a vhs tape? It is my understanding that the actual 20th Century Fox release of With A Song In My Heart will be out within the next few months..possibly in the fall. This is a rumour I heard but I think it's probably legit.

Could you give us the website address of the video retro site?.. Thanks!