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The Many Movie Faces of Susan Hayward

We "believed" in her as Verna
Heard her sing as Lil
Saw her paint as Valerie
And Cherokee was a thrill.

Her Jessie fought clients' cases
Harriet Boyd designed other suits
Andy fought for Rachel's honor
Angie Evans had liquid pursuits.

Rae Smith fell for a married guy
As did Bathsheba in her sarong
Froman found the right one
While Mame wasn't around that long.

Dottie Peale got a service man
A general no less
But Lone Star got bumped off too soon
And couldn't get back at Rex.

Poor Barbara Graham had no prayer
Laura Pember didn't either
But Maggie Cole got a brand new job
And TV got a chance to see her.

Jane Goff helped a sailor
Who was in much distress
And we got to see her
With a lovely upswept tress.

From Louise to Eloise
Lucy Overton to Katie O'Neill
This woman made us laugh and cry
Most of all, to feel.

She would have been 90 now
Three decades kept us apart
But she's with us where she's always been
Where she'll always be -- in our hearts.


Re: The Many Movie Faces of Susan Hayward

Gloria, what a beautiful poem! You are so talented...
Happy Birthday on the 30th, Susan.


p.s. My favorite "girl singer" died 5 years ago today, the 29th..... my special salute to Rosemary Clooney....

Re: Re: The Many Movie Faces of Susan Hayward

Gloria, your poem is absolutley brilliant! I placed it at the top of the forum page and linked it from the homepage. Thank you so much!

Re: Re: The Many Movie Faces of Susan Hayward


Thanks so much for your very kind words. It's easy to be "talented" when you're writing about Susan.

Also, thank you for letting us know that yesterday was the 5th anniversary of Rosemary Clooney's death. Rosie was a favorite of mine, too. All the good ones seem to have left us, don't you think?

Re: Re: Re: The Many Movie Faces of Susan Hayward


What a wonderful poem - congratulations, I love it.
You have such talent and inspired me to try and write one too!