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A unique photo of Susan

As you can probably guess, I found this on ebay. Isn't it unique and different! I had never seen it before.

Re: A unique photo of Susan


I'd never seen this photo of Susan, either. I love pics of her with her hair up, don't you?

Re: Re: A unique photo of Susan

Gloria, yes, I loved her hair up.. especially in "Deadline at Dawn" and and when she was working in the fields in "Untamed".

Re: Re: Re: A unique photo of Susan

Great photo. She was so beautiful. I also loved her look in Deadline at Dawn.


Re: Re: Re: Re: A unique photo of Susan

Christina, yes, she was drop-dead gorgeous in Deadline At Dawn...she only had two outfits...the evening gown at the very beginning (with her hair down) and the rest of the time she was a knock-out in that one little black dress she wore throughout the rest of the film ( with her hair up).