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Gloria and Trish---thank you again for the lovely poems in remembrance of Susan's birthdate. Gloria, as you know, I had placed your poem on my "Ginger's Forum" and Trish I will place yours on that forum also. I am going to try to get Trish's on tonight.

I am driving to Arkansas on Sunday to visit my parents. I'll be back at my home in Missouri on Friday. Next week-end, I'll put both of your poems on Susan's webpages with a link from her homepage, and with credit to you each individually.

For everyone on this forum who does not know about "Ginger's Forum"--you are welcome to come on over. It's a fun and easy place to be--a mix and match of anything and everything...come join in whenever you like. Just click the website url above.

Happy Fourth of July to all--even to my British friends.. no hard feelings.. LOL


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Happy 4th of July to you, too, and to Bob and Billie. Enjoy your week in Arkansas.


Re: Re: Ginger's Forum

Thanks, Gloria.. I'm having fun so far. Okay, yall hold down the fort.. LOL