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Susan again on the Discovery Channel

This special is being shown again on the Discovery
Channel, on July 19, Thursday. Check local listings
for the time. The special is "Best Evidence," and
relates to the nuclear tests in Nevada in the early
'50's and how it affected the stars of the "The
Conqueror," including Susan Hayward.

Re: Susan again on the Discovery Channel

Thanks for the info, Amy.. I have not seen that particular special. I'll mark my calendar.

Re: Re: Susan again on the Discovery Channel

I do not have cable, so I won't be seeing this. However, I refuse to believe that smoking caused Susan's cancer. Nobody will ever convince me that a person can wind up with 20 cancerous lesions in the brain from smoking!

I firmly believe the nuclear testing in St. George is what ultimately killed Susan, John Wayne, Dick Powell, Pedro Armendariz and the others. That the government lies about it to this day is no surprise. Can you even imagine all the lawsuits they would have to pay the survivors?

Re: Re: Re: Susan again on the Discovery Channel

Well, I missed it because I was in Arkansas with my mom who has been ill...maybe they will do a re-run..

Gloria, I agree with you...I think the testing caused the cancer that caused the death of Susan along with many others of the cast and crew on the filming of "The Conqueror."