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Susan arriving at Cannes

What a neat film clip this is!..a sort of French newsreel I think...this is Susan arriving in Cannes, descending from the plane, and getting the royal treatment. What a classy lady!

Re: Susan arriving at Cannes

Hey Ginger,
I have seen those clips before on aol. They are awesome. Just to see her as herself is such a treat. She was so beautiful! I love her in her little sweater and flats.


Re: Re: Susan arriving at Cannes

Christina, I had no idea those were on the internet. I feel like I need to write a big thank you to the folks who those out there! It's such a unique view of her. I loved the sweater and flats too... she would fit right in with today's fashions. She was so adorably petite. I just couldn't get the pottery shop one out of mind last night. It seemed like I had just seen her for the first time!

Re: Re: Re: Susan arriving at Cannes

Oh yeah! What a treat. I wonder what other stuff is out there that we've never seen.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Susan arriving at Cannes

I don't know, but I keep hunting for gold and buried treasure.. LOL