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A Reminder of "Back Street"

I was on a bus today, going into center-city Philadelphia, when we passed a fairly new, really nice skyscraper. As the bus turned into the side of it, there on a large window was the word "rae."

I don't know what kind of business it was, since that was the only word there, but I have to believe the owner saw "Back Street," with our gal, who, as a young fashion designer, dreamed of using just her first name, rae,in small letters.

We never get too far from remembering Susie, do we?

Re: A Reminder of "Back Street"

Gloria, I can relate....every time I see myself in a store window, I think or "rae" seing "Paul" after so many years!

After, seeing Back Street, I was 13, and was so affected by Susan's performance. Her influence has never been out of my life since. When I was visiting relatives in Arkansas recently, I had Eduardo's "The Films Of Susan Hayward" with me. My stepmother picked it up and said flatly but with a smile, "Susan Hayward".. and I said, "yes, she goes where I go."

When I was a teenager, I started signing my name with a little "g".." chic, don't you think?"...I still sign it that way to this day.

Re: Re: A Reminder of "Back Street"


Until you mentioned it now, I'd forgotten that I used to sign my name with a small "g" too! That Susie has had so much influence on both of us, hasn't she?

Re: Re: A Reminder of "Back Street"

I am new to the website and to your message board. I have found all the messaging so very interesting. As a child, I discovered Susan Hayward. I dreamed of being an actress like her, and possibly one day meeting her. This website has brought back so many memories for me.
I read about your taking "Eduardo's Films of Susan Hayward" with you. Might I inquire what that is...?
Also, how do you all find out about Susan's movies airing?
Love your website, thank you so much!

Re: Re: Re: A Reminder of "Back Street"

Hi, Dani:

It's always nice to see new Susan Hayward fans here. This website was initiated by Ginger Haydon, who has given all of Susan's fans a place to talk about -- and remember -- her.

I myself do not have cable TV, but most of the people on this website do, and they usually will alert everyone to where and when Susan Hayward pictures will appear. So keep an eye out on this message board for those.

I think a lot of us became Hayward fans when we were young. For me, it was watching "With a Song in My Heart" at a local theater (and sitting through it twice) until my father showed up, looking for me.

I was hooked then and have stayed hooked ever since. She was a wonderful actress, and I think her humanity showed through on the screen. As to Eduardo Moreno, he wrote a book on Susan with many pictures, several of which have appeared on this site, and a synopsis of each film. The book is titled "The Films of Susan Hayward," and I bought it on Amazon.com.