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"Soldier of Fortune" NOT Playing on TV

Sorry folks, but there was an erroneous listing for this
movie on the Susan Hayward Current Movie TV Schedule.
I checked the website for the American Movie Classics
channel, and the movie is not scheduled for August 1, or
any other date.

Re: "Soldier of Fortune" NOT Playing on TV

Thanks anyway, Amy. I've got a copy of it, but it's about worn out.. ha... It would be nice to get a better recording again from tv.

Your travel/writings and photos website looks interesting. I glanced at it and will read more later.

Re: Re: "Soldier of Fortune" NOT Playing on TV

I wish Soldier of Fortune would be playing - but I guess
that's not going to happen.

Ginger, thanks for your interest in my website. It
originally was only focused on Paris, but I wanted to
upgrade it to more cities. LOL, it's been hard to do
more HTML coding, so things are at a standstill.