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Mame/Caesars Palace "Circusbill"

This is some info from the Caesars Palace "Circusbill"
(Circus Maximus)...The photo at the top of this message board is the cover photo of the "program."

Inside info on Susan reads--

SUSAN HAYWARD (Mame) --Encrusted with cinematic honors, garnered in 30 years devoted to films, Susan Hayward now ventures for the very first time onto a stage other than a motion picture sound stage. This appearance at Caesars Palace in the fabulous role of Mame, makes Miss Hayward's stage debut in a part that has challenged several of our foremost actresses to a virtuoso display of singing, dancing and acting. It was this very challenge that induced Miss Hayward to seek the part at a point in her illustrious film career where there were actually no further heights to scale.

For, after all, what could the lovely lady add to a career that saw her in possession of practically every prize extant, including five Academy Award nominations and one Academy Award for her role in "I Want To Live," which also garnered her the N.Y. Film Critics Award. Add to this the Donatello Award, 3 time winner of the World Film Favorite Award, 5 time winner of the Top Box Office Award and other foreign awards too numerous to mention, and one realizes that Miss Hayward has achieved the absolute pinnacle of her chosen profession.

It all began in the days back in Brooklyn, when a young teenage photographer's model, Edythe Marrener, of Swedish - Irish-French descent, had her photo published in the Saturday Evening Post. It was seen by David O. Selznick, who was on an intensive search to fill the role of Scarlett O'Hara in "Gone With The Wind." He induced her to take a screen test and although she didn't win that part, Warner Brothers snatched her up and her film career was started.

From that time to the present day, Susan Hayward has played in over 50 films, including among others, "I Want To Live," "Smash-Up," "David and Bathsheba," "Where Love Has Gon," "My Foolish Heart," "I'll Cry Tomorrow," "The Snows of Kilimanjaro," "With A Song In My NHeart," "I Can Get It For You Wholesale," "Reap The Wild Wind," "Valley Of The Dolls, " etc.

It was six months ago, while enjoying a leisurely existence at home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, that a close friend made the suggestion that she would make an ideal Mame in the contemplated Caesars Palace production. Intrigued by the thought and the challenge of setting foot on the living stage for the first time, Miss Hayward set about to have a go at it. Never having danced before and with only one singing assignment in "I'll Cry Tomorrow," she braced herself for the strenuous hours of training and rehearsing with all the determination for which she is justly famous. Setting aside her free-lance film activities, she placed herself in the capable hands of Onna White, the original choreographer of "Mame," who set up an intensive regime of physical preparation necessary for the demanding role. Now these months of work and anticipation are over and Susan Hayward is the fun-loving Auntie Mame, who has endeared herself to millions of people. Face to face with this public for the first time, Miss Hayward realizes that all the love and affection that passes to and fro from across the footlights is something that was sorely missed in them making of films. (end)

Re: Mame/Caesars Palace "Circusbill"

The blurb in the Program is a deservedly great write up and summary of her wonderful career.

I first ever got to America in 1970 - typical, as I think this show was around 1968- 1969 ish ? - and I would dearly love to have seen it.


Re: Re: Mame/Caesars Palace "Circusbill"

Kerry, I was about 18 or 19 when I read in the paper about her appearing in Las Vegas. At that time, she may as well have been appearing on another planet as far as I was concerned. It was about as likely for me to get to do something like that as the Pope being Jewish.. ha...if it were today, I'd have been to see her in a flash...yes, I feel like I missed something rare and there doesn't seem to be any record of it.

Re: Re: Re: Mame/Caesars Palace "Circusbill"

Ginger..I think I have made a big error in the posting I just did...on seeing MAME. I saw it with Susan and then four times with ANN MILLER.

I stated the BEATRICE ARTHUR played Vera Charles opposite Susan...But I think that is wrong! I know it was BEA ARTHUR with ANN MILLER, but I think if you look in that playbill I gave you...it will show that I made a mistake..and that it was NOT Bea opposite SUSAN.

I now remember her as being a blonde. Would you look and see if that is right? I guess I'm getting senile.
(Maybe I didn't even see..SUSAN as MAME..lol).NO OF THAT..I AM...SURE...(ha!) Errol

Re: Re: Re: Re: Mame/Caesars Palace "Circusbill"

Errol, someone by the name of Delphi Lawrence played Vera Charles opposite Susan. I have never heard of Delphi Lawrence. I haven't read your post yet, but will go read it now. It's nice to hear from you.. I'm glad you have checked in...Ginger

P.S. I didn't realize Ann Miller had played Mame. I always loved Ann Miller. I bet she was great in the part also.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Mame/Caesars Palace "Circusbill"

I met Delphi Lawrence in Stratford, Ontario at Brian Bedford's house
in 1981 or so. She was playing with Mr. Bedford in a play at the Royal Alexandra Theatre called "Who Life Is It Anyway?" She told me she played with Susan Hayward at Caesar's Palace and played with Ingrid Bergman on stage
as well. She was born in England, lived in New York.