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HI ONE AND ALL...I know this is a very late posting, because it happened months ago in FILMS OF A GOLDEN AGE. I was ill at the time and wanted to hold onto the article...and post it, when I got better.

Well...time has gone by and I never did get to post the story. I think it is something you all might be interested in hearing, if you haven't already.

It seems that SUSAN had two co-stars who would gladly
give negitive reports on our Susan, given the chance.

This article was all about JAYNE MEADOWS and her career...(what career? Being married to STEVE ALLEN?
I for one, could never see that Jayne had much talent
and that her sister AUDREY MEADOWS out did her in all
the years that they struggled through the Hollywood
dirt and grime. (sorry...I lived there 35 years and the fact is..that's what it's really like..clawing your way to the top and then trying to stand on top of a very small pointed rooftop and then seeing how long you can balance yourself...ON TOP..before you fall..and someone else replaces you)

ANYWAY...in this tribute to JAYNE MEADOWS...she was being interviewed and since there are NOT many films that she could talk on, the film DAVID AND BATHSHEBA came up. Her comments were filled with dislike for leading lady...SUSAN...She said that GREGORY PECK had
'a thng' for her (JAYNE)..and that he said to her...
"What do I need a SUSAN HAYWARD to play BATHSHEBA, when I have YOU..and YOU would be the perfect choice for BATHSHEBA." She tried to deminish Miss Hayward's
acting ability..and that PECK was all for getting rid of SUSAN...and replacing the role with...JAYNE.

(HA)...If I had been well, at the time this story came out, I would have loved to reply to the magazine and her comments on SUSAN.

Now..we must remember that she has never brought this story up...before...Now...she can, of course, because GREGORY PECK is not with us, to shoot her and the remarks DOWN. I would have loved to have written back and ask MISS MEADOWS..."If PECK disliked working with SUSAN so much...why would it be
that they were working together...again...not very long after DAVID AND BATHSHEBA...when they did..THE SNOWS OF KILIMANJARO?

ONLY WOMEN...who were jealous of SUSAN'S beauty and talent as a great actress, will comment like this.
JANE GREER had plenty to say...about SUSAN being so distant...unfriendly...cold. Well, we all know that SUSAN had a fear of people. I think it was a fear of trusting others..and knowing how back-stabbing show business can be...she played it 'wise' by not becoming friendly with the likes of these two. Funny in a way, that eventhough JANE GREER talked about SUSAN in that way...she still did a second film with her...many years after their first encounter..THEY WON'T BELIVE ME..in which JANE GREER has nothing to be so snotty about..since it was HER show and NOT SUSAN'S....Eventhough the film sort of dies off, once SUSAN isn't on the screen for the rest of the picture! (lol)



It's always hard for some women to cope with other women who are more beautiful, talented, and successful. They compensate by building themselves up as they tear down the one of whom they are jealous. It's so obvious.

Susan Hayward was far above the level of those two, and that's so obvious also.

She was light years ahead of them.

P.S. I can't even imagine Gregory Peck being so small-minded and derogatory. Nope, I don't think I believe the story about Peck.