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My Foolish Heart


I am so pleased you have reinstated your piano version of My Foolish Heart on the site. However, I now have to wait longer to get in as I must always listen to it right through!

I remember reading that Susan felt compelled to sit in her car and listen to the end any song that was playing on the car radio. I wonder if that was true as there have been so many misconceptions written about her.


Re: My Foolish Heart

Thanks, Trish! I love that song. It is so timeless.

I had never heard that about Susan. I believe that she loved music because she desired to play the organ...well, I think I read that somewhere. Ah, I would have loved to have given her lessons!

Re: Re: My Foolish Heart


Ginger was taking organ lessons from Jack Frost in Fort Lauderdale. Apparently, she is supposed to have contacted Joey Bishop in 1968 regarding him having Mr. Frost on his show. We all know the outcome as Bishop agreed, as long as Susan came on the show too.

Thanks to you Ginger, we now have more memorabilia on Susan via the Joey Bishop show and yes, I bet you would have loved to have given her music lessons.