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Hi, I am not sure what to say here, but I am glad there is this Susan Hayward forum here! It's very cool.

I just finished reading Lillian Roth's autobiography and it was the best autobiography I ever read, and I've read a lot of them.

"I'll Cry Tomorrow" is my favorite movie of all time. Is it anybody else's?

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Hi Desiree,
I love "I'll Cry Tomorrow"! Susan Hayward gives one of the best performances on screen I've ever seen. This is the movie that turned me into a fan.
Have you ever seen "I Want to Live!"? That is another great one.


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Oh, yes, of course "I Want to Live!". That is my SECOND favorite movie of all time. I love it, she gives a great performance. :)

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Hi Desiree! I'm glad you decided to join us.

I'll Cry Tomorrow is an unforgettable book. The film is also. With A Song In My Heart is another favorite of mine. It will be released on dvd this fall... more on that just a little later.

If you click the website url above, you'll find your way to my friend Julie (who was Lillian Roth's secretary) and mine's website on Lillian Roth. There are a lot of great pictures and you'll learn more about Lillian.

Welcome to the Susan Hayward message board!

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Susan believed that "I'll Cry Tomorrow" was her best performance and that she should have won the Oscar for it. I agree. That's not putting down "I Want to Live" at all. She should have won twice!

My personal favorite of her films is "With a Song in My Heart."


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Well, thank you for telling me about the forum, I appreciate it.

Oh, yes, I saw a clip of With a Song in My Heart and I would really like to see it, but I have never gotten a chance to see it just yet. Maybe I can buy it when it is released then. It sounds great.

Oh, yes, I"ve seen that section of your website, it's really great, thanks for putting that up!

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More thumbs up for With a Song in My Heart. Now I do really want to see it! Haha.

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Desiree..I'm glad you got to check out the Lillian Roth site..

As for With A Song In My Heart, I know for a fact that it is going to be shown as a pre-lease for a group of people in Columbia, Missouri who are gathering in November to celebrate the centennial of Jane Froman's birthdate. I am going to put up more info on this website very soon regarding this centennial.

It's been a long wait for With A Song In My Heart..so many have been waiting to see it. I have a feeling it will definitely be out and on sale sometime between early November and Christmas. As soon as I find out anything more, I'll let everyone know.

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Oh, thanks so much. I hope you do get more information soon. I would really like to see it. I love Jane Froman's voice :)

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sorry.. I meant - pre - release...oh well...

If you go to youtube, there are several clips of Jane Froman singing --When you see her mannerisims, it will really bring home the fact of how brilliantly Susan Hayward portrayed Jane Froman.