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Re: Re: A Reminder of "Back Street"

Re: Re: A Reminder of "Back Street"

I am new to the website and to your message board. I have found all the messaging so very interesting. As a child, I discovered Susan Hayward. I dreamed of being an actress like her, and possibly one day meeting her. This website has brought back so many memories for me.
I read about your taking "Eduardo's Films of Susan Hayward" with you. Might I inquire what that is...?
Also, how do you all find out about Susan's movies airing?
Love your website, thank you so much!

Re: Re: Re: A Reminder of "Back Street"

Dani.. I moved your post up a little to make sure everyone sees it. If you have the settings on "threaded".. the posts seemed to get buried... anyway...Welcome to the website and the message board! I'm glad you have discovered the homepage and us.

"The Films Of Eduardo Moreno" is a wonderful pictorial and informational book about Susan. It is often found on ebay or at used book sites. It is out of print now. You can get it in hardback or paperback.

I hope you visit us often... Ginger

Re: Re: Re: Re: A Reminder of "Back Street"/oops

that first reply was me.. I forgot to change it back to "Ginger"

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: A Reminder of "Back Street"/oops


I check online, at the Susan Hayward Current Month TV
schdule, for her movies playing. It's updated weekly.
Then I post it at this forum, so that others may know
what's playing. The website is at ---