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Susan at Cannes - April and May 1956


I am making a new post here instead of carrying on with your original one as you may not have seen it!

At last I have been able to view the film clips you put on the site of Susan at Cannes as a friend sorted out the problem for me.

It was so exciting to be able to see her as her natural self and she looked wonderful and very petite - far more so than in her movies. What a great pleasure to see her like this.

I noticed she signed the plate she decorated with "Susie". Thank you so much Ginger for enabling her fans to see this treasure. I wonder what else is out there for us to see. As you said, someone, somewhere must have some record of Susan in "Mame" - even just a small clip would be great.


Re: Susan at Cannes - April and May 1956

Trish, I'm so glad you were able to view that.. wasn't it interesting! There aren't too many clips of Susan as herself.. even though she was posing for the cameras.. still this was a different view of her..The big screen always made her larger than life.. it always amazes me how small she really was....everything perfectly in place.. like a beautiful doll.

I'm still keeping the faith for a copy of the Joey Bishop show (the actual video/film) and Mame!