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1952 Photoplay Award/AND/The President's Lady Promo

I was so happy to get this done tonight. It turned out so well. The very beginning of the clip is Susan receiving the 1952 Photoplay Magazine award for Best Performance by an actress, then the rest is a promo for The President's Lady...and remember that fabulous music by Alfred Newman! Click above..

Re: 1952 Photoplay Award/AND/The President's Lady Promo

That url I gave in the previous post was my channel page, which is fine if you want to check out my other videos...to go directly to the latest one mentioned in this post.. click the above url.. thanks

Re: Re: 1952 Photoplay Award/AND/The President's Lady Promo

Super Ginger and thanks...

I always have mixed feelings about Photoplay,the magazine though.

Susan won their gold medal for most popular actress of 1952 but she NEVER was on the cover of the magazine!

She is in fact the only female major star of her era who never got a cover on Photoplay.

She was sure to get it after she won the medal but was very saddened, to be passed over again while every winner before her had got their cover.

This info comes from the Beverly Linet book : S.Hayward,portrait of a survivor.

A possible explanation for this is that someone at the top of the Photoplay board must have disliked her deeply and put a veto each time she was considered for a cover...

What else....She should have been a few times on their cover,she was one of the greatest and most popular female stars of her era.

This Photoplay enigma is weird ,isn't it!?

Someone has another possible explanation for her not getting one single Photoplay cover during her whole carreer!?

Re: Re: Re: 1952 Photoplay Award/AND/The President's Lady Promo

Phil, I had forgotten about that fact regarding Photoplay (I remember reading those all the time when I was a teenager!..)

She certainly deserved to be on the cover.. a star of her stature. It was probably all very political as most things like this are.

I have some more little treasures to put up on youtube..just trying to perfect my recording and uploading. I can't wait to get some of the others up there. I think some of you will be very thrilled at a few of them. They are very rare. I'll save them for a surprise...I won't spoil the fun of letting you know what you are going to get.. LOL

Re: Re: Re: Re: 1952 Photoplay Award/AND/The President's Lady Promo

Ginger...I can't wait for your forthcoming surprises....

To get back to the total lack of Susan covers on Photoplay....... : Fortunately Susan got dozens of covers on all the other fan magazines including most oth the other ( next to Photoplay) more prestigious ones like Silver Screen, Modern Screen, Screenland etc....

ONLY Photoplay passed her over for the cover which is a real mystery.....For instance Jane Wyman ( a great actress but much less glamourous to my eyes than Susan) won the Photoplay award in 1950 and was featured on their cover as the winner...It went so for every female star gold medal winner in the 40's and 50's EXCEPT for our Susan....When Susan won the Photoplay gold medal in 1953 as most popular actress of 1952, (chosen by the readers of Photoplay by the way !!) , they put Marilyn Monroe on their cover instead...

Understandably Susan was hurt and her pleasure of winning the medal was greatly diminished by this offence.She was waiting for her first Photoplay cover at last and had said that:

"they can not overlook me anymore for their cover"......

Well,as bizarre as it is, there would never be a cover for Susan Hayward on Photoplay...

After all those years it is kind of trivial to get to know the truth about Photoplay politics towards Susan...but still I 'd really like to ask someone who used to work at their board/offices if he/she remembers what was "the problem " !!!

One thing is sure to me, Photoplay totally missed out on one of the most beautiful faces ever to grace a screen and on one
of America's most talented actresses, one that their readers had voted their favourite star of 1952! and had voted before and after 1952 repeatedly in their top 10 favourite female stars!

All in all, appalling.

What do you think?

Re: 1952 Photoplay Award/AND/The President's Lady Promo

Hi Ginger:

Really enjoyed the clip.

Regarding Susan's appearances (or lack of) in the movie mags, as a teen during the '50s I remember scouring many movie magazines in vain (usually) for photos of Susan, and I don't remember her ever being on the cover of any of them during the success of "I'll Cry Tomorrow." Unless I'm losing it, I remember that she was completely ignored.

When I was a kid I would always browse through the magazines before buying, searching for any stories or photos of Susan, and I usually was disappointed. If I recall correctly, the mags were always putting someone like Debbie Reynolds or Sandra Dee on the covers or even Elizabeth Taylor. I truthfully do not think Susan made "good copy" for some reason. Or she did not want to cooperate with some of those sob sisters who wrote for the magazines.

Anyway, that's my take on it.


Re: Re: 1952 Photoplay Award/AND/The President's Lady Promo

Thanks Jill for your interesting contribution.

I can tell you I have something like about 40 different American fan magazines from the 40's and 50's with Susan on the cover in my Susan Hayward collection.

To give you a reference a big star like Deborah Kerr ONLY got one cover during her whole hollywood carreer on those popular fmovie fan magazines compared to the 40 for Susan...the only D.Kerr cover was for...Photoplay in 1958!

Silver screen,Movie Pix,Modern Screen,Screenland,Movie show,Movie album,Hollywood stars,Movie life... and many others put Susan on their cover.

Some of them are spectacular ,most of them were technicolor studio portraits,featuring her reich auburn hair.

Many of them are regularly to be seen on Ebay!

Most of them are from 1942 to 1955.It is true that from 1956 onwards she was less featured in those fan magazines....They were making more and more room for younger stars like E.Presley,M.Brando,A.Hepburn,etc...

Susan was actually often featured in fan magazines articles, heavily in the fourties and fifties,less in the sixties, getting dozens of wonderful full page color portraits. Also Photoplay had regularly articles with photos on her ( I have some of them in my collection ) ...but for some reason she is the ONLY major female star in the history of the magazine who did not get ONE single cover !

It is true though that celebrities like E.Taylor,D.Reynolds ,D.Day,M.Monroe or even L.Turner and a few others got more coverage than Susan.

..But apart from Photoplay,we can not say that she was neglected...on the contrary.

It's great to collect on her anyway.


Re: Re: Re: 1952 Photoplay Award/AND/The President's Lady Promo

Yes, Jill, Phil is right.. Susan was on a lot of covers but probably when you were looking for her it was in the later 50's when it was harder to find info on her. I remember after Back Street, and being so new to Hayward, I would search and search trying to find info on her and it was always a big effort for me trying to find anything on her.. but this was around 1963 and onward. There was that block of time in the 40's and 50's, that Phil mentioned, that she got a lot of covers and press.

I think Ray, who contributes here, has a vast collection of Susan on covers. Ray , where are you?

Re: Re: Re: Re: 1952 Photoplay Award/AND/The President's Lady Promo

Phil, I stand corrected. But Ginger, you're probably right that when I started perusing the fan mags in the late '50s Susan wasn't featured as much. Of course she was involved in a lot of notoriety at that time as well.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: 1952 Photoplay Award/AND/The President's Lady Promo

I shudder to think what the press would do with her situation if it was happening today. She and Jess and their family suffered through enough bad publicity. This day and time it would be wall to wall coverage. There would be no peace.