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Susan's Song and Me

Hi Everyone....

The above link is one of my myspace sites. I managed to get my first original music video of myself playing Susan's Song. I am new at this stuff so there is some vibration as you listen but you should be able to get the general idea! I hope to post it on youtube soon also. Well, this is the real me folks so hope you aren't disappointed.. ha

For some reason the html code placed the video twice inside the page, so it's on the left hand side at the top and it's on the right hand side more toward the end of the page.

I hope you can access it and enjoy!

Re: Susan's Song and Me

Ginger this is a very nice clip,and your Susan's song is a sweet composition to my ears...i want also to say that your versions of "My foolish heart" and "i'll be seeing you...." are grat too.

Thank you,

take care,


Re: Re: Susan's Song and Me


Thank you for allowing us to view you at the piano - it's lovely and came through very clearly. I love Susan's song and also Lilian's song. You are so talented.

I agree with Phil regarding My Foolish Heart - just beautiful.


Re: Re: Re: Susan's Song and Me

Thank you Phil and Trish! I'm glad you could access the clip. I'm always walking on the edge with this copyright issue stuff. Of course, with Susan's Song and my other compositions, there is not a problem, but songs like "My Foolish Heart" and other copyrighted songs of that nature are more "iffy"... although, I do have these on my webpages--probably I shouldn't...no profit is made from them, of course...I hate that copyright spider web of confusion! Anyway, if I can work out something that I can have some peace about, I'll play some of the other songs--in the meantime, I'll probably stick with public domain type music until I figure out something else. Thanks again for your input! I'm glad you could hear it okay.. I think a lot of my problem was with the earphones I was using on my laptop computer. I listen on my husband's laptop and our desktop and the sound was clear.. thank goodness!