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Hi One and All..I have A LOT to catch up on and just read about the PHOTOPLAY award...conversation of Susan not being on a lot of covers. It is true! I did as Jill and would search for articles on her, but there were very few that she got the cover shot.

I do remember a great shot on the cover of MODERN SCREEN and this was around the time of the divorce, when things were all heated up. It is a great shot with a dark background. I'll see if I still have that one some place since I don't think that was sent to Ginger, when I gave my collection to her site.

There was a big spread on her with wonderful b/w shots of her in different poses. This was in either LIFE or LOOK magazine. It was at the time she was making THE PRESIDENT'S LADY. I remember she was in a dark strapless gown showing her in different dramatic poses. But the one shot that I loved, is her smoking with this long cigarette holder. It was to make reference, in the film, when she decides to smoke Andrew's (CHARLTON HESTON) corn cob pipe..and gets caught with her mouth full of smoke, when the black housekeeper comes in. I'm sure we all remember the scene. Susan gave a very comical moment to the film, without ever saying...A WORD...What a Hoot.



Thanks Errol for your interesting contribution...I for one, started to collect photos and movie magazines on Susan in the 1980's and up to now I have found more than 40 different American movie fan mags from the 40's,50's and 60's with Susan on the cover or part of the cover.

Titles of the magazines are : Silver screen,movies,movie stars,Movie show,Screenland,Modern Screen,Motion Picture,Screen Guide,Hollywood stars,Movie life,Film land,Screen Fan,Rhona Barret's Hollywood...etc...among others

The only major fan magazine NOT to have given one single cover to Susan is : Photoplay ....Why we'll never know ...when you think that she even won their gold medal as most popular actress of the year 1952 as chosen by...the readers vof Photoplay!....She is the ONLY female winner of the Photoplay gold medal to have been passed over for their cover...and also the ONLY major female movie star not to have appeared on the cover of one single photoplay magazine issue.Appaling and sad,isn't t?...

I 'd like to know why in Gods name...Someone high ranked in the Photoplay board must have liked a profound dislike of her...what other reason could it be if it was not the case...?

I think that all the other fan magazines put her at least once on their cover.

She could not be considered like one of the most popular cover stars of her generation like Doris Day,Lana Turner,Liz Taylor or even a Debbie Reynolds, but she DID grace the covers of many magazines...I can prove it!

Regularly you can find some of them on sale on eBAy>



Hello Phil, I could not figure for the life of me why Susan did on appear on Photoplay magazine EVEN for only one time. Eduardo Moreno and I would talk about this matter many times. I guess this will remain a mystery to many of Susan's fans. Back then I subscribed to many of these magazines like you mentioned and I was so tired of seeing Jane Powell, Debbie Reynolds, Liz, Doris Day on the covers and would you believe, I have a copy with Dick Clark on Photoplay from March 1959, isn't that crazy? I didn't get that at all!


I agree with Phil on this matter. Some high up, mucky-muck that didn't like her, made sure she never got the cover of the magazine.

I don't remember 'which year' it was..either late 50's or early 60's..that audience polls showing up in movie magazines, had SUSAN as #1 qUEEN of the box office which she held for 2 or 3 years in a row...only to finally loose that title (and I do think it was 1961)..to DORIS DAY. It was the 'big blonde' time now..and redheads, such as SUSAN, RITA and MAUREEN O' HARA were loosing their mark to blondes....BUT..the first MAJOR BLONDE to hold that crown was NOT...one of the BLONDE SEX GODDESSES..aka..MONROE, NOVAK nor MANSFIELD. It went to a more deserving blonde..DORIS!


P.S. I LOVE IT...RAY!! DICK CLARK as the 'cover' of a movie magazine...since he made...'soooo many movies'.
About the only movie I remember him in was THE YOUNG DOCTORS with FREDERIC MARCH, BEN GAZZARA and EDDIE ALBERT. But that was 1961. Seems funny they couldn't find 'anyone' else to slap on their cover than the host of AMERICAN BANDSTAND...(ha)