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Just incase any of you might not have seen today's TCM listings, they are playing "I THANK A FOOL" on TCM. You will have to check your own time zone. I'm in Mountain Standard Time, so it shows, here, at noon today!



Errol, thanks for the tip. It starts here at 1:00p.m. I set my recorder. I have a copy but I can get a better one this way. It's a strange film but I enjoyed Susan in it. It doesn't seemed to be played on television too often.

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Quirkily enough - it played on Oz tv not long back. It may get more airplay down here since Susan stars with two Australians in this one - Peter Finch and Diane Cilento.


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It is quite an odd story but i do like this film a lot and Susan is terrific in it as well as beautiful.

Great Irish landscapes too....I love The Irish coast!

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I watched about the first 20 minutes of I Thank A Fool tonight. Does anyone remember the scenes when "Susan", as the doctor, was looking for a job after being released from jail? There were three scenes showing the back of "Susan" and only the interviewers faces were shown and their voices. I don't think this was Susan Hayward in these three scenes. Also there is a scene of "Susan" walking along some bleacher type seats after the interview scenes. I don't think this was Susan Hayward either because I could not see that distinct walk of hers at all! I guess it is common to use stand-ins. For those of you who have seen this film, did you remember the scenes and question if they were Susan Hayward?

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Ouch - this is tough. I can recall only one of the scenes in question when perhaps it was not Susan, but I could not stipulate definitely.

The first i/v was with a woman with thick black rimmed glasses who was asking about medical quals ? I can't recall seeing a back shot of Susan during that i/v ?

I can only recall a very swift, semi sideways shot of her as she exited the surgery of that seedy doctor (who was chain smoking - very quirky by today's standards - lol). Just after he leered that he 'liked redheads' - but I don't recall a back shot of her during the i/v ?

The one instance that I am thinking of was the rather stern faced woman in the busy kitchen, who asked for references and then looked appalled as if she had stepped in something awful. The camera did remain with a back shot of Susan ( or "Susan") but it was not direct, more to the viewer's left I think, and rather quick - but I agree that the hair seemed a darker red and a little more compactly sitting on the head.

The 'bleacher seat' walk - yes it was not the usual Susan sway walk. But whether because she was ascending steps in high heels at a sideways angle ??

Well spotted Ginger, but sorry as I'm honestly not sure. Hopefully, a more eagle eyed Hayward reader here may be able to state definitely.


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Kerry, wow, that is "good" recalling those scenes from memory. I just thought they were very odd and "Susan" would just nod her head in response to the interviewers questions. I really don't think it was her. They shoot scenes so erratically sometimes.. maybe they shot these either before she arrived for work or after or maybe she had a day off.. who knows..?? but I would bet my money they weren't her.


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I agree with you Ginger...I have seen the movie recently and It is not Susan on all these scenes....the legs to start with of the stand in do not match Susan's...the wig job is well done though...


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I taped this film from television some years ago and see it from time to time. I did not notice the stand-in in the scenes to which you referred Ginger as the picture is somewhat "cut-off" at the edges. However, it is particularly obvious the stand-in was used when Susan was about to enter the "Black Maria" to transport her to Holloway Gaol (British spelling) as you can see the thickness of the legs! Once inside it is Susan talking to Miriam Karlin and another girl.

I do like this film - Susan has some amazing close-ups and her skin looks absolutely beautiful. It had an odd story line and the ending was silly as she drives away with Peter Finch but Susan was as lovely as ever.


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There was some dialogue in this film between Peter Finch and Susan that I heard today and I had never really listened to it closely or "got it".. but I do now. I'll type it out for you just a little later...just thought I'd tease you a bit.. LOL


Boy...you people sure have me at a standstill..since I have not seen the film in...years! I know I got a good recording of it..but will now have to watch it and see what all of you have 'caught'..You know, 'true' Susan fans can always know, in one way or another, if they are nOT showing 'the real Susan'.

I have not watched it yet, since I recorded it, so now I will have to watch it tonight!

I always thought it was an 'odd' film for her to pick, since she was free-lance from any studio contracts, but then I remembered reports that she had started to only do films that EATON...apporved...and they were 'on location' films...so since this is set in Ireland and THE HONEY POT was in VENICE. Whether or not WOMAN OBSESSED was filmed in Canada, I'm not sure..but this did seem to set a 'trend' of places they/he could see.

I'll report in...after I've watched...'FOOL'...(lol)

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Errol, I'll look forward to hearing your thoughts on the film.

One scene always stood out for me in that film.. even after I hadn't seen it in many years.. It was the scene where she was in her room, after she had been released from jail, emptying her purse and counting out what little change she had left..

Been there , done that! I totally related!