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Trish's Photos/Carrollton/No. 5

The Catholic Church across the road from Susan and Eaton's home outside of Carrollton, Ga. Susan and Eaton are buried in the cemetary to the right of this photo from what I recall when I was there about 20 years ago. I believe this is Trish in the picture.. right? Trish?

From my understanding, Susan and Eaton helped to build this church or maybe they funded it entirely..?? I don't remember the exact info on that.. maybe Trish or some of you do?...It's a beautiful and serene place.

Re: Trish's Photos/Carrollton/No. 5


Yes, I am in the picture and the church is situated to the right of where Susan and Eaton were laid to rest.

I understand that Susan (and Eaton) donated four (?) acres of land and $50,000. to finance the start of the building and Susan also helped with fundraising for money to build the church, but I think I am right in saying that the majority of the financing came from elsewhere. I believe Our Lady of Perpetual Hope now stands on a larger number of acres.

The church is really beautiful inside and since Susan was living there, wonderful stained glass windows have been installed. It took me 31 years of yearning to travel to Carrollton and is such a special place to visit. I will always treasure my memories of the feeling of serenity there and the welcome I was given by Father Paul and members of his parish.


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Trish, thanks for the additional info... I think that the name of the church is Our Lady of Perpetual Help instead of Hope, unless it might perhaps go by both names?

Re: Re: Trish's Photos/Carrollton/No. 5

Silly me! Of course it is "Help".