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Trish's Photos/Carrollton/No. 6

Inside Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Carrollton, Georgia. The stained glass windows are beautiful.

Re: Trish's Photos/Carrollton/No. 6

Thanks... Trish for sharing these wonderful photos with us. The interior of the church is beautiful with all the stain glass windows. They must have costed a fortune. I wish Eduardo Moreno was still with us, he would know the complete story of the building of the church and etc.

Re: Re: Trish's Photos/Carrollton/No. 6

Yes a beautiful peaceful church indeed.

Ray ,I miss Eduardo Moreno too...we were great pen pals,I shoud say friends.

He visited me in Amsterdam.His Susan Hayward knowledge was endless,his memorabilia collection impressive....

I wish his beautiful book on Susan were re-released...it was his wish...with a color cover and a few "Technicolor shots of THE Redhead!

Re: Re: Re: Trish's Photos/Carrollton/No. 6


Eduardo Moreno's book should absolutely be released again! How does all of that work? Would the same publishing company re-release it or another? I'm not very saavy about such matters. Wouldn't it be wonderful if it were re-released and yes, updated somewhat. I'm sure it would sell...lots of us baby boomers out ther that know her and remember her so well, and there are young people who are interested in her also. I'm ready to write to a publishing company.. !