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Warm in the Wake/No. 1

On Wednesday night, my husband, Bob, and I had the opportunity to hear the band, Warm in the Wake, which was performing here at a club in Kansas City, Mo. Two of the members of this band are Andy and Daniel Barker, sons of Greg Barker, and Jess and Susan's grandsons. Tim Barker had given me their official website address and from there I found their myspace page which listed their tour dates. I was so excited to see that they would be in KC on Sept. 26.

They weren't scheduled to play until 11:00 p.m. that night. We had to rest up before we went.. LOL..Oh, it was all so very worth it! We got there a little early and while a different band was performing, I recognized Andy and Daniel from viewing their photos and videos on myspace. They were in and out unloading their instruments and I talked to them outside for a little while. They are so nice and the band is extremely talented. They all sing. Andy plays bass guitar and Daniel plays a mean jazz piano/electric keyboards. The two other members of the band, another guitar player and drummer are very talented also. They are a great group of guys including their band manager.

BTW, their band manager told me that his grandmother ( I believe he said her name was Juanita Akin or Akins) was a friend of Susan's in Carrollton. I think his grandmother had owned a coffee shop. I had not recalled reading about Mrs. "Akins" in any of the books and I don't even know if I'm spelling that right.

Daniel and Andy are very down to earth, yet very classy at the same time. Andy had mentioned that he had remembered that my friend, Elizabeth, had met his older brother, Chris, and his wife, a few years ago at the cemetary in Carrollton.

I was very overwhelmed when Daniel took my hand, looked me straight in the eye and so sweetly thanked me on behalf of him and his family for his grandmother's webpages. I felt like we were both about ready to cry.

It was a magical night and I'm so glad Bob and I got a chance to meet Daniel and Andy. I know Daniel and Andy's parents must be extremely proud of them, and I like to think that Susan and Jess are looking down and smiling.

The above link is their myspace website. Here you can listen to many of their songs, watch their videos, check in on their video log, and just get to know them a little better.

I will post another link to their official website shortly, and also I'll try to post a picture, although you can see their pictures on the other websites, I need to identify which ones are Andy and Daniel.

When I first saw Daniel, I told him that I was a piano teacher and I would be listening to him closely.. ha.. He laughed and we hugged. After their performance, Daniel jumped right down off the stage as quickly as he could, and came over and thanked Bob and me profusely about how much he appreciated us being there. I asked him if I could take lessons from him! Daniel plays, not only with his fingers, but with his whole body, mind and soul. He is amazing.

Andy is an excellent musician and singer and he articulates well on stage. The drummer's name is James Taylor, Jr. ( no relation to the famed James Taylor). The other singer and guitar player's name is Chris Rowell.James is awesome on the drums and Chris is great with vocals and guitar.

My only regret is that I had taken my video camera and my digital camera, all set and ready to take photos, and I got so caught up in the moment and excitment that I never took any photos, but after I got home and started thinking about it, I realized that it would be impossible to take a picture of what I took away from that evening. Some events in our lives are just meant to be indelibly printed in our minds and hearts. We don't really need a paper or digital photo.

I am going to be plugging them some on my webpages and I'll keep you posted on their activities as I hear about them.

I think those Warm in the Wake has a great future. Keeps your eyes and ears on them!

Click above to view the Warm in the Lake myspace page.

Re: Warm in the Wake/No. 1

What a night. Thanks for that interesting bulletin Ginger. Nice to see that the grandkids are also talented in the entertainment field ( those good genes at work eh - lol.)

I will spend some time in the links you have provided.



Re: Re: Warm in the Wake/No. 1

Kerry, they are a great group of guys. I just realized they are going to be in NYC Oct. 22...I'm going to be in NYC the 12-16 so I will miss them, but I'm going to really encourage Kelly and maybe some of her friends to go hear them... darn it, why couldn't I have made those reservations one week later!! aargh..!