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The Big Apple

I'm off to NYC later today...will be back Wed. Yall be nice and hold down the fort!! LOL

Love ya,


Re: The Big Apple

Have a great time, maybe you will be able to find some paper shows while you're there and find something on our Susan. Good Luck.

Re: Re: The Big Apple

Ray, thanks.. I had a great time.. got home last night.

I didn't really look for any Susan items. It was too short of a visit and we were cramming visiting, shopping, walking, eating in, .. ha...Now that Kelly has her own place, I should be able to go back more and just move around on my own a lot while she works. I'm getting a lot more familiar with the city now that I've been several times over the years. I'm not sure what a "paper show" is...??.. You mean something like a memorabilia type show or event where they are selling nostalgic items?

Re: Re: Re: The Big Apple

Yes, Ginger...your are correct. One can buy just about anything at one of these " paper shows." Venders sell all sort of movie memorabilia, almost like a fair. When ever one would come up, Eduardo Moreno would inform me. He lived in Queens. He supplied me with many magazines with Susan on covers and many of hard to find. Glad you had a good time and welcome back.

Re: Re: Re: Re: The Big Apple

Thanks, Ray....I wonder if there is a website that informs regarding these shows...??...I'll look around for one.

BTW, do you know what was done with Eduardo's collection? I was just curious.