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Remembering Susan Hayward

I was born in 1942, and my favorite memories of my youth were of this beautiful and classy lady. I still have a school boy crush on her through the films she performed in. She was so wrong when she said that very few people would remember her. I still look for her movies, and never tire of watching her on screen. She was one of the best.

Re: Remembering Susan Hayward


Susan will certainly be remembered by many, many fans.
Just looking through the letters on this site you will see how much she is still adored - there will never be anyone like her as she was definitely unique -
The Best Star Ever - Thank you for all the happiness you have brought to us all dear Susan.


Re: Re: Remembering Susan Hayward

Susan has fans all over the world. She was the "Best"*****, I adored her since 1952 and will continue too until I die. I am so happy to see new fans appearing on this web site, made for this very special lady.

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Like Ray, I became a Susan Hayward fan in 1952 when I sat through "With a Song In My Heart" twice at my local theater, only to finally leave when my father came down the aisle looking for me!

There never was anyone like our Susie, and I doubt that, in my lifetime, there ever will be. She was unique.

I hope that, through videos and DVDs (and who knows what other technological advances?), her films -- and Susan -- will live forever.

Welcome to Ginger's wonderful Susan Hayward website!

Gloria Druss

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Thank you for your very nice note and I am so happy that we have a place on the world wide web to remember her. If she knew, I think she would be surprised and overwhelmed! Thank you for your post and I hope you visit us often....Ginger