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The Lusty Men/Youtube

Click above for an approximately 9 minute, very clear clip from "The Lusty Men.".. It includes the great kick in the butt scene...loved it! Susan was always waaaaay ahead of her time! I didn't post this one myself, but thanks to "indigo" (you tube id), who did!

Re: The Lusty Men/Youtube

"The Lusty men" belongs to my top five of favourite Susan's movies.

She is wonderful in it.

It is an arty film,beautifully photographed by Nicholas Ray.

In Europe it is regarded as Nicholas Rays's greatest work,and as one of Robert Mitchum and Susan Hayward's best movies.

A true classic

Hopefully we'll get a restored DVD version soon from Warner video!?

Re: Re: The Lusty Men/Youtube

This is one of my favorite Susan Hayward films, and she and Mitchum were great in it. Supposedly, they didn't get along in real life, but in reel life, they were terrific together! Maybe that dislike for each other created tension that translated in excellent chemistry. Don't know, don't care. I just loved the picture (even though I'm against rodeos).