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Life Imitating Art? Or Susan's Life?

I happened to be looking at one of the Susan Hayward websites yesterday and discovered something new to me (perhaps some of your knew):

As we know, Susan died of inoperable cancerous brain tumors.

Arthur Kennedy, one of her co-stars in "The Lusty Men," died of a cancerous brain tumor.

Brenda de Banzi, who played the aunt in "I Thank a Fool," died during surgery for a benign brain tumor.

Life imitating art imitating life? Who knows?

Re: Life Imitating Art? Or Susan's Life?

Good points Gloria

Yes there are often scenarios where the two intersect at times. Perhaps the early 60's film " Stolen Hours" in which Susan plays a woman with a brain tumour that was either inoperable ( or failed to to respond to an operation) is another example.

I guess many cases abound, but unfortunately all those I can recall tend to be dark and tragic examples.Whether anyone has ever played, say a disabled athlete who wins a trophy, then goes on in real life to do so or similar, I can't recall.

I remember reading soon after the success of "Rosemary's Baby" that Polanski had said that he was a bemused sceptic who did not believe that contemporary Satanism could exist outside the pages of a screenplay or a book.
In less than a year from that comment, Sharon Tate and the household had been murdered by deluded killers obeying the command of someone who labelled himself as the Antichrist.


Re: Re: Life Imitating Art? Or Susan's Life?

I recall the film "Poltergeist" and the little girl who starred in it died not too long afterwards. I can't remember her name or the cause. Also, the teenage girl who starred in it ( Dominique Dunne..sp?)
Her father is Dominick Dunne, the writer--not sure I'm spelling their first names correctly) was murdered by her boyfriend. Her father attended the tril and I believe that he wrote a book about it or at least I know that he comments a lot about the murder on talk shows.. i.e. Larry King, and Court TV. It seems bad luck follows some of the so-called Satanic like films...I believe there were some weird happens on the set of "The Exorcist" if I recall correctly.

Re: Re: Re: Life Imitating Art? Or Susan's Life?

My apologies to Brenda de Banzie, who played the nurse at the beginning of "I Thank a Fool," not the aunt. My thanks to Trish, who set me straight.