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BACK...FROM...THE...DEAD...or is it...AMONG THE LIVING..??

Hello all you Susanites...(boy that's different.. Well..I am getting my health back in order and thought I would do the 'subject line above' where I could at least refer to one of Susan's movies..AMONG THE LIVING, which I guess I still...am....

I had thought all was well with me and took on two roles in MAN OF LA MANCHA, (the Governor and the Innkeeper) and we started rehearsals last November. I lasted about three weeks and finally had to bow out of the roles. I just wasn't up to doing shows...yet!

I took two of my friends to see MAN OF LA MANCHA, last night and broke down in tears, while watching them perform this wonderful musical...wishing I was still in the cast and up there doing the show with them. I must say it turned out to be a wonderful theater night since all three of us..and an almost full house, really loved it too!

I think I am back on track now, health wise and plan to audition for THE FANTASTICKS on Feb. 20th. I've done the show three times already, playing both the boy and girls father's...but will see just what suits me best this time around. I would love to play the boys father again...but the director may lean more toward me doing 'the Old actor'..(this info for those of you who know this marvelous show.)

I am also checking in to tell you I have found another SUSAN FAN...and I think he will be joining in on here to share his feelings and thoughts about our lovely Susan. He seems to be a big BACK STREET fan and I told him to check out GINGER'S SUSAN SITE...and he will find many other treasures here about this great, beautiful and talented lady, whom we all love so much.

I must check out all the messages that I've missed, while not putting my 2 cents worth in for a very long time. I have missed being on here, but with the medical problems I have been facing, I just did not feel well enough to participate for awhile.

Look for me to open...'my foolish mouth'...again now and I hope you will welcome DANIEL into our SUSAN FAMILY OF FRIENDS.

Much Love to you ALL...and Love and Thanks to Ginger for all the hard work she does to make this 'the best' site on the internet, where fans can still feel Susan's presence is still with us. LOVE YA..GINGER.

Later... ..Errol

RAY...what a wonderful shadow-shot of Susan. Hope to see more..and chat with you more...KERRY..I guess we can start dishing the Hollywood 'dirt' back and forth once more...because...I'M STILL HERE...

Re: BACK...FROM...THE...DEAD...or is it...AMONG THE LIVING..??

Hey!!, Errol, welcome back...its good to hear from you. SO glad you're doing well. Boy!, it sounds like you've been a busy guy. Its good to have you back with "Among the Living".....thats clever, I like that. Hope to hear more of you and also from you friend Daniel. Take care.

Re: Re: BACK...FROM...THE...DEAD...or is it...AMONG THE LIVING..??

Good to hear of a health improvement Errol. Yes hopefully you can find some 'Stolen Hours' from your busy work and theatre life to visit more often.

Welcome to Daniel if he is calling in too - always room for another Susan fan, we are not a 'Top Secret Affair' here and he can enjoy the vast array of Hayward memorabilia and info that Ginger has amassed so skillfully.


Re: Re: Re: BACK...FROM...THE...DEAD...or is it...AMONG THE LIVING..??

Welcome back, Errol! You always have great info to share. I'm sorry you missed out on The Man of La Mancha", and that your health has been bad. Good luck with future theater endeavors and here's hoping that your health will be stable and good.

We very much will welcome your friend, Daniel!

Thank you for the nice words about my Susan site!