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Ray's Collection/No. 1

As I replace the title picture, I'll bring it on down to the message board so those of you who haven't seen it yet can view it and/or any of you can save it to your computers if you want.

Re: Ray's Collection/No. 1

The title picture of Real Romances is one of my favorite covers, because it is very hard to find. It was published in June 1948. My friend Eduardo Moreno was very anxious to own this copy. He told me he knew of only one friend that had it. I came across this magazine shortly after he passed away in 2002. Isn't it a great cover?

Re: Re: Ray's Collection/No. 1

Hi Ray...this is one of my favourite covers too.wonderful smile,great hair (as usual) and lovely gloves

I was able to find it on ebay about one year ago and it is indeed very rare.
Was "Real romances" a magazine with a limited circulation?

Re: Re: Re: Ray's Collection/No. 1

Hi Philippe, you were fortunate to get it on Ebay. Too tell you the truth, I am not sure on the limited syndication of this magazine. I wish I knew the correct answer. I guess we will never know. I do know when I spoke with Eduardo on the magazine, he told me he did not have it and his collection on our "gal" was enormous except for this one. I wish I could have seen his collection like you had the pleasure too. Thanks.