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Ray's Collection/No. 5

Another lovely photo!

Re: Ray's Collection/No. 5

This was my favourite picture of Susan - I think it is really stunning. I received it from the USA when I was a child and put a cardboard backing on it to pin on my bedroom wall as I didn't have the money to have it framed as it was quite large. I still have it in my collection of course although it is a little the worse for wear now.

Susan was in a class of her own and just so beautiful.


Re: Ray's Collection/No. 5

If it weren't for the fact that I love this lady, I could easily hate her. Why are all her photos so beautiful? Couldn't she have taken at least one bad photo like me (who has had many bad ones, LOL)?

Re: Re: Ray's Collection/No. 5

This is a splendid photo of Susan, isnt it? This magazine is in pretty good condition considering it's age, it was part of the Sunday newspaper dated May 25, 1952. The magazine features an article on Greta Garbo and it also shows in color what the ladies were wearing at the beach in 1952. Lots of coverup, compare to what they are wearing now.!! There was so much class back then.
What happen?

Re: Re: Ray's Collection/No. 5


Hear Hear !! I tend to take exceptionally bad photos usually. I resemble someone who has been taken out for the day from a twilight Home For the Bewildered.

Susan and the camera - what a combo !! Thanks again Ray and Ginger.