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Last's Night's Oscars and Susan Hayward

I watched all of the Oscars except I missed a few minutes leading up to the announcement of Best Actor and a few minutes afterwards. Up to that point I had not seen anything in the "looks back" pertaining to Susan. Did I miss anything? I get so irritated when she is left out and she so often is ..did, perhaps, they show the clip of James Cagney accouncing her as best actress?

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sorry, I was in a rush when I typed all fo that...LOL

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NO!!!! I did not notice anything pertaining to Susan, no clips...nothing. Some past winners were shown, including both Hepburns, Wayne, Lemmon,Barbra, Loren, Chaplin, Brando, E. Taylor and others. I did not see the complete telecast it seems so long and boring. Unless I missed something along the way, I kept changing channels. Susan is always lefted out makes me very upset.

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Ray, it upsets me, but that always seems to be the "world's" attitude toward Susan Hayward. She wasn't publicity seeking enough during her career I don't think, therefore she isn't remembered as well. Am I wrong on this? It's the only thing I can figure out.

She should be remembered as one of our most beautiful and more importantly accomplished actresses. She is a national and international treasure in the world of film.

In the same line of thought, I was watching "The View" yesterday and the ladies were telling Whoopi Goldberg that they were disappointed that Whoopi wasn't showcased as a past host of the ceremonies. They mentioned that Whoopi was given a flashback I think as pertaining to her winning the best supporting actress award, but she wasn't included in the "list" of hosts. Now, this woman, Whoopi Goldberg, is the second black actress to win the best supporting award, and she is the first WOMAN and first BLACK to HOST the awards and Sunday night's ceremony left this very important and very special fact out!

When the ladies of The View were discussing this with Whoopi, she was very humble and didn't say anything critical but you could tell she was absolutely crushed as well she should have been. That was an extremely hurtful thing. Whoopi Goldberg should have been recognized.

Who organizes these events? Sometimes I shudder to think what is behind all their choices.

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Ginger and Ray

No I don't think you missed anything as far as the NON inclusion of Susan in the various montages and flashbacks.
Ray has listed some of the featured players and there were indeed quite a large number included overall, but she was not among them, I'm sure.

It seemed a strange method of selecting just who would be shown, as most of the acting award flashback montages appeared to commence in the 50's and then rapidly move up to the most recent winners in 2007 via some 'representatives' from the decades in between ?

I noticed that Alec Guinness who won for 'Bridge On the River Kwai' in 1957 was shown, and David Lean as Director for that year, as was Joanne Woodward for 'The Three Faces of Eve' also from '57 - then jumping to 1959, Chuck was shown in a clip from 'Ben Hur' (that of course won Best Pcture that year), but nothing from 1958, which featured winners like Burl Ives, Wendy Hiller, David Niven etc in the various top categories and significantly, Susan.

Ginger, I take your point about Whoopi Goldberg. Perhaps omissions in the acting categories are inevitable owing to the vast number of people involved, but due to her place in Oscar history ( re the firsts that you mentioned) as far as hosting goes, she certainly warranted a nod I agree.


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I think the ceremony was hurriedly put together due to the writer's strike, thus a lot of disorganized flashbacks, but leaving Whoopi (am I spelling her name wrong???)out was unforgivable. I'm thinking that maybe she might have really gotten under someone's skin among the higher ups, but I'm just speculating. Even so, she should have been recognized.

I think this was the first year in my life I had not seen any of the nominated films. I had only seen clips of La Vien Rose, but when I saw them I really had my "money" on the actress who won ( can't think of her name) She had the most gracious acceptance speech I think, except for the best supporting actor (can't think of his name either..ha).. but I like the way he thanked his mother in Spanish and truly honored her at the Oscars.

I don't really care too much for Jon Stewart but I appreciated him calling the young woman back to express her thoughts about winning. She and her partner had won for the best song and also had performed the song. She was very gracious and I like the way she encouraged independent musicians.