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Movin Slow

Hi all, sorry to have slowed down on adding Ray's photos. I have a recital for my students this week and it's always stressful and I do well just to get them ready and to hold myself together throughout. All those parents are scary.. haha

Anyway, I might can get one or two on this week, but if I don't, please bear with me.. next week, I'm FREE.. I love the little darlings, but these yearly events can take it's toll.

Thanks for your patience.

an inside to Ray -- I did get the personal photo that you had sent.. thank you! .. and I have gotten feedback from Ally and Daniel Barker regarding the silhouette photo of Susan. They both love it! I just wanted you to know that Susan's grandchildren appreciatef seeing that beautiful photo and I will be sure and let them know when I've gotten the project of getting them all on the website.