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Ray's Collection/No. 10

Susan is drop dead gorgeous here. This reminds me of maybe the mid-1940's..what year was this Ray? I don't think I have ever seen this photo before.

Re: Ray's Collection/No. 10

Yes Ginger, an absolutely beautiful picture of Susan. I have seen it a few times and the magazine was recently for sale on e.Bay. I always think of her as "sparkling" in it, by which I mean her eyes are sparkling. She did speak volumes with her eyes.

Thank you again Ray.


Re: Re: Ray's Collection/No. 10

These are all great Ray, but I also have to make special mention of this one as well. Beautiful shot.


Re: Re: Re: Ray's Collection/No. 10

Superb cover,superb color shot...those eyes,that hair,that up turned nose........:-)

Thanks folks


Re: Re: Re: Re: Ray's Collection/No. 10

I got this magazine from another collector who wanted my
copy of Movie Pix with Susan on the cover, so I traded it with him. I eventually found another copy of Movie Pix 1951. These romance magazines were so popular in the 40's and 50's. I remember my older sister would come home every payday with these magazines, she was hung- up on them. She saved them all and had them piled up all over the house. HAHA. who knows maybe some of them had Susan on the cover. True Confessions, Romance True, and True Experiences were some of them. Quite a buy for 10 cents back then. Susan looks simply marvelous on this cover which dates back to August 1944. Great color shot. Thanks guys.