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Ray's Collection/ No. 11

What a beautiful photo of Susan!

Re: Ray's Collection/ No. 11

Yes Ginger, a really beautiful picture of Susan - stunning in fact. She was just so photogenic and her hair looked wonderful in this one. (A pity it is another example of reversing the negative!)

Thanks again to Ray for providing the pictures.


Re: Ray's Collection/ No. 11

I have many favorite covers, but this is by far one of my favorites from April 1951. Look at that gorgeous hair, don't care if this is a reversed negative or not., its still breath taking to me. Susan was on two covers of Movie Pix, as far as I am aware of. If anyone else knows of another one let me know. Thanks so much.

Re: Ray's Collection/ No. 11

Wow!! That is such a cool shot. It is such a treat to see photos I've never seen before.
Thanks Ray, and thank you, Ginger for posting them.


Re: Re: Ray's Collection/ No. 11


And it's so nice to see the names of other great stars listed on the cover, including my favorite male star, Montgomery Clift.

Thanks, Ray and Ginger!