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The Painting On The Wall

I have had this picture of Susan and Jess for some time and wonder if anyone can put forward any
ideas as to if Susan painted the picture of a lady which is hanging on their wall. I think we all know
that painting was one of her hobbies and I just have the feeling she may have painted this one. When
watching scenes in the Susan Hayward Biography programme, there was a picture of her mother Ellen
and it struck me that there was a similarity between this picture and the one on the wall.

Re: The Painting On The Wall

Trish, I love this photo. I had never seen it before. You know, I don't even remember that painting was a hobby of Susan's. Sometimes I can't see the forest for the trees! Anyway, that absolutely has to be a painting of her mother. It looks exactly like the picture of her mother in the A&E bio. I'm curious if Susan painted it too.

Thanks for sharing this with us, Trish!

Tim, if you see this, can you let us know?

Re: Re: The Painting On The Wall

Oh, sorry... that reply above was from me.. duh!

Re: Re: Re: The Painting On The Wall

You had me going there for a moment, Ginger, LOL.

Re: Re: Re: Re: The Painting On The Wall

haha, Gloria......I'm gonna go try to make the type on this message board bigger RIGHT NOW! This is driving me nuts.. it probably is everyone else too.. LOL

Re: The Painting On The Wall

Hello to my pal TRISH, and to all...

I just saw the photo with the mystery painting on the wall. If someone had not mentioned that it is of Susan's mother....I would have thought it was of Susan herself...in costume, in some role of hers. Susan and her mother must have strongly resembled one another. I wonder if the painting still exists ? Hopefully it does and is still in the Barker family somewhere.

Best to all of my fellow Susan fans ! ANN of NH

Re: The Painting On The Wall

I do not recall having EVER seen this painting....until now.



Re: Re: The Painting On The Wall

Thank you for your message Tim.


Re: Re: Re: The Painting On The Wall

Okay, Tim...thank you for touching base with us about the painting.