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Jane Froman on "What's My Line?"

Jane Froman was on "What's My Line?" last night. I always watch that show. It's one of my favorite game shows. sorry I couldn't have told anyone it was coming on. I happened to catch it :) It was from the year 1953, I believe, when she had her TV show. I thought it was exciting, because I've never really seen her in anything, and she used kind of a squeaky, high-pitched voice to disguise her own.

Just thought I'd share that :)

Re: Jane Froman on "What's My Line?"

Desiree, thank you for sharing ! I have seen that particular WML. I love those old WML shows. I watch them on a lot on the game show network -- they really take me back to another time, another place.

If you check out youtube, you should be able to find some original performances of Jane (from her tv shows in the early 1950's). If you watch the tv shows or excerpts, you'll realize how remarkably Susan Hayward emulated her in WASIMH. --even the gowns Jane wore were copied for Susan --or at least similarites.

Thanks !

Re: Jane Froman on "What's My Line?"

Oh, yes, thank you. I have seen those on youtube. I've watched them all several times :) I love to see stuff like that, if I can find them. I just wish I could see the whole thing, you know? It's true, they are almost like the same person! Almost... hahaha.

Re: Jane Froman on "What's My Line?"

I knew Jane had done WML? in March of '53, but no one has posted that clip on YouTube. I am really interested in seeing it, mostly for the exchange with one of the panelists at the end--- and because there isn't much out there of Jane speaking, in ANY voice. Could someone out there post it? Pleeeeease? Thanks.

Re: Jane Froman on "What's My Line?"

I recorded it to DVD, but I don't know how to upload something from a DVD to a Youtube video. Otherwise, I would! Haha.