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Ray's Collection/No. 14

This is a pretty familiar photo. I really like it. It seems to be around the late 40's or early 50's..

Also, I believe it's German, but not 100 percent..??

Re: Ray's Collection/No. 14

This Allas-Vectotidning is one of five magazines I have from the country of Sweden. It was issued on September 30, 1949. Ginger you were pretty close to the year. I don't recall if Susan appeared on any magazine cover's from Korea or China. Unless someone can clarify this??
Susan is so beautiful on this cover. Thank you.

Re: Re: Ray's Collection/No. 14

Sweden! I asked one of my student's mom, who is from Russia, if this were German and she said, yes.. LOL..I never thought about it being Swedish!