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Michael's FAULT

Blame my son Michael, he set this blog up for me...


Tim B.

Re: Michael's FAULT


Unsure about blaming Michael, but I may well congratulate him - lol. Nicely set up blog and your sheer love of fishing, trout fishing specifically, is evident. That is such a beautiful slice of country as well. ( Your mention of travelling through Green River brought to mind the song of that name by Creedence Clearwater Revival featuring 'Cody's camp', and 'catfish biting' etc).

I have scanned through and would also like to compliment you on a well written piece that makes for an interesting journey through some of your experiences and recollections. ( I could almost taste the Creme Brule in Ennis. Hmmmm)
I have to go out shortly, but will return to it tomorrow and have a more thorough read.

Thanks to Michael for his skills, and to you for the link, to give us a chance to see what has given you so much pleasure and joy over the years.


Re: Re: Michael's FAULT

Tim, thank you for sharing your blog with us and many thanks to Michael for nudging you along.

I'm in the midst of reading it. I haven't finished it yet, but the photos are beautiful. The only thing I know about fly fishing is what I learned about it from "A River Runs Through It".. that is the extent of my knowledge, but I do understand that for you and many it's a place where you can enjoy beauty , peace, and have a sense of refuge. I also think it's lots of fun for you!

I got a kick out of reading how you and Greg enjoyed the the surroundings while your mom worked on "The Lusty Men."

I love the Nadia and her can of worms story. I'm visualizing it right now. I wish I could have seen the look on your face! LOL

Keep writing!