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Ray's Collection/No. 16

I believe this is a new one to me. I don't remember seeing it. It's a lovely photo...can't tell what kind of magazine.?? Fill us in , please, Ray. Thanks

Re: Ray's Collection/No. 16

superb cover, thanks Ray.

Photo is again reversed (it happened frequently then) but It presents us a sultry Susan, according to me in a studio portrait dating og=f the promotion campaign for "With a song in my heart" (1951/52)

Re: Ray's Collection/No. 16

Hello again.....I agree this is a splendid pose of our Susan. Its a fairly large magazine and it's from the country of Brazil. I have at least four magazines of O'Cruzeiro, this issue is from August 2, 1952. Susan looks so radiant, don't you all agree. Thanks.