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New featurette on Susan!

As an extra on the new Fox DVD of "Rawhide"(1951) there is a featurette on Susan Hayward called:

"Susan hayward : Hollywood straight shooter" !!!

hopefully it is a nice featurette with interesting comments , rare photos and who knows some rare footage

Re: New featurette on Susan!

Maybe I spoke too soon about being okay with the Rawhide video, Philippe. That's before I read your posting about the featurette on it. I was very disappointed that the Back Street DVD had no features of any kind -- just the film. I don't know if this had anything to do with it, but the box had the French language on it,so who knows if that is why. They didn't even have anything on the top of the DVD, so if I forgot to put the DVD back in its box properly, I could very well wind up putting the wrong side into the DVD player!

Re: New featurette on Susan!

Hi Phil, thanks for the update. I am looking forward to obtain my copies of Susan's latest on DVD. Hurrah!!!!

Re: New featurette on Susan!


Got the DVD of "Rawhide' with the new featurette on Susan...Well i am very disapointed...it's only 6 minutes long and no rare or unpublished photographs in it,no new reel film material of hers at premieres or anywhere else...

it is just a cheap,gossipic thing ...she deserves so much better.

Shame on you 20 century Fox cause she was one of your biggest stars worlwide

Fortunately the transfer on DVD of "Rawhide" is beautiful...