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Susan Hayward's Sons

A friend of mine who lived in Georgia at one time told me that one of Susans' sons was her veterinarian. Also, when I attended an Auburn/Georgia football game in 1968 I thought that they announced that Susan Hayward was there with her sons.
I inadvertently came across this website and and it brought back the memory. Is any of the above true?

Re: Susan Hayward's Sons

If I am not mistaken, Susan's son Greg is a veterinarian. Susan may have very well attended that football game back in 1968. Susan lived in Carrollton, Georgia. It is always so good to hear from new persons on this site for Susan.

Re: Susan Hayward's Sons


Susan's son Gregory was a veterinarian, and he did attend Auburn, graduating in 1969, so it is true.

Nice to hear from you.

Re: Susan Hayward's Sons

Speaking of Gregory, I have a question:

Has he ever given an interview regarding his mother?

I have just gotten re-reading Susan Hayward:Portrait of a Survivor by Beverly Linet. An interview was given by Timothy, but not by Gregory. And I don't think I have ever read, or seen, an interview by Gregory over the years.

Just curious...

Re: Re: Susan Hayward's Sons


To my knowledge, Gregory has never granted an interview on his mother. I found it curious, but maybe he's just too private a person. Actually, Tim hasn't really given many interviews, either. Like you, I read Beverly Linet's book in which Tim was interviewed by her; and he did do an on-camera interview on the 1998 A&E Biography of his mother, but other than those, I'm not aware of any other interviews he's given.

From time to time, he has appeared here on Ginger's great Susan Hayward website, but more often than not, he has spoken of his -- and his mother's -- alcoholism.

Re: Susan Hayward's Sons

In a recent post here, I got the impression Timothy was planning on writing, or was starting to write, a memoir. If it's true, I wonder if Gregory will be a collaborator on the project?

Re: Re: Susan Hayward's Sons

I don't know about writing a book on Susan. I do know he's writing -- or has written -- a book on fishing.

Maybe someone else has more information.