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With A Song in My Heart DVD

A while ago, Phillippe posted about the uneven quality of the WASIMH DVD. I finally got around to viewing it over the weekend, and I agree with his comments. Even though I cannot state specifically the problems that Phillippe pointed out, I noticed that the color definition and sharpness were not consistent. In certain scenes there is a muddy quality and some overlapping of colors. I agree with Phillippe that they could have done a better job.

Even so, I loved seeing the film again, and now that I am older can fully appreciate the great work Susan did. There's no double that it was one of her best performances. Jane Froman's voice fit her to a tee. I also enjoyed the special features, especially the documentary on Jane and the audio comments by her husband. A woman who appeared in the doc wrote a bio on Jane, and I would like to get that book. I learned so much more about her, which has rekindled my interest in her life. I never realized how much she suffered from her injuries and what a toll it took on her life.


Re: With A Song in My Heart DVD

Hi, Jill:

I agree with both of you regarding the quality of the WASIMH DVD. I have the video of it, which was a copy, and it's not very good, so I thought the DVD would be a big improvement. Instead, it was a disappointment.

But the quality of the color cannot alter the fact that it was a wonderful movie, with great songs and an amazing portrayal of Jane Froman by Susan. I honestly thought she should have won the Oscar she was nominated for in this picture. To have mastered Froman's physical movements while singing (as well as adding her own, as Jane attested to) had to have taken a great deal of work, determination and professionalism by Susan. Too bad the Academy didn't reward it.

The special feature in which John Burn did the voiceover was interesting, but I just wish that he'd left out the part about her drinking. (I also wish Tim Barker would stop talking about it regarding his mother. Can't we simply remember these formidable women for what they accomplished while here, isntead of dwelling on their weaknesses after they're gone?)

Re: With A Song in My Heart DVD


I certainly agree with you that Susan's performance was Oscar-worthy. Can't recall who her competitors were that year or who won. Will have to check my Robert Osborne Oscar book. When the movie first came out, I was too young to appreciate it and in fact I don't know if I even saw it in its first run. For some movies I was kind of dependent on my mother and her tastes. That's how I became a Barbara Stanwyck fan -- through my mother, who always dragged me to her films. No wonder I am so screwed up. Ha. Ha.

I am glad you brought up the drinking comment on the John Burn audio. I was very surprised when he said that and he also mentioned that she was hooked on drugs. Did you pick that up? I had never heard anything about those problems. With all she went through, however, I wouldn't blame her.

I am kind of on the fence about discussing someone's drinking problem. As far as Susan goes, it is a part of her history -- not the main part, of course, but I believe in the truth in all situations. But to dwell on it as opposed to what she accomplished, that gets into a gray area. You can either completely ignore a person's problems and extoll him or her to the heights or leaven your admiration with a dose of reality. I prefer to do the latter. I also would not want to alienate Tim because I feel his candor has enriched this site immeasurably.

Re: Re: With A Song in My Heart DVD


I'm pretty sure Shirley Booth won the Oscar that year, for "Come Back, Little Sheba."

No, I didn't hear John Burn talk about a drug problem for Jane Froman, but I agree with you that, considering how many surgeries she had on that leg, I can't say I blame her if she became dependent on them.

As to alcoholism, my best friend was an alcoholic who died at age 51, so I'm very familiar with alcoholism and what it does to people.

However, when I remember Maryanne, I remember her good points: her personality, her grace and kind heart. All I am saying about Tim Barker is that he seems to be fixated on his mother's drinking above all else.

I guess it's just up to the rest of us to keep her good qualities known, at least as far as we know them.

Re: Re: Re: With A Song in My Heart DVD

HI Gloria..and all..It's been awhile since I have joined in on any discussions..but I think I must speak up in Tim's defense...on the drinking problem his mother had..
There is a reason behind it all..and that is all we need to know. I happen to know that Tim loved both his mother and father...very much.