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Susan's birthday/June 30

I'll be thinking about Susan Hayward quite a lot today. It's hard to imagine that she would be 91 years old today if she had not been taken from us so soon.

Re: Susan's birthday/June 30

Today is a special day for remembering Susan on her birthday especially as I am in the United States staying with Joanne who is another big fan of Susan's.
Friends will be sharing the experience with us tonight of seeing her Biography and With a Song in My Heart when we will think of Susan with special fondness as always.


Re: Susan's birthday/June 30

Happy Birthday
It's your birthday a very special day for me,
because this is the day you entered the world.
I treasure you......I love you with all my heart.
I have your movie poster of "With A SOng In My Heart"
framed in glass and hanging in my den. I adore it,
especially because you stirred my heart for the first
time a long time ago. Even thou the years are flying by, "you" will always be close to my heart now and forever. God bless you, Susan.....thank you for the
great memories on the screen.

Re: Susan's birthday/June 30

Ah Trish,

Aly tells me U guys will be meeting up this week?

Have fun in the Big Apple!!!


Re: Susan's birthday/June 30

(Incidentally Tim - if you read this, I saw just last week that George Bush and the Interior Secretary called on Congress to allow development of oil shale on PUBLIC LANDS in the Green River Basin which straddles Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. That is your fly fishing habitat I think ??)
At the same time they have placed a morotorium on solar projects on public land in Arizona, New Mexico and about four other states. Ouch !)


It is indeed a shame that Susan passed away so very young. I often think of that when I see some of her contemporaries who are still with us over age 90, which as was mentioned above, Susan would have been this year had she lived.
Luise Rainer would be in her late 90's now - Gloria Stuart the same, and Livvy De Havilland and Joan Fontaine not far behind. There are of course others in that august age range, so yes - it is a great shame.