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Susan and Hillary

I don't think it's a stretch to say that, had Susan been alive, she would have been very happy about Hillary Clinton's run for the presidential nomination of her party. I don't know what Susan's political affiliation was (although I do know she apparently took a day off from filming to see Dwight Eisenhower during his presidential campaign), but as a woman ahead of her time (you probably recall her friend Ron Nelson saying on the A&E biography of her that she showed in her films -- and probably in her life, I would add -- what women were capable of doing way before it was commonly done) she would have to have been proud of Hillary Clinton's campaign. That it was waylaid by the media and Hillary's own party are things I believe Susan would understand as well, since she was often waylaid by the film industry and the media that covered it.

I salute all those Susans and Hillarys who didn't let themselves be put down by society. I had the opportunity to meet, briefly talk to, and shake hands with Hillary, and I would have given anything to have met Susan. But just knowing her indominable spirit, I thank her for being the woman she was.

Happy Birthday, Susan! You are remembered by all who valued you and your contribution to the world.

Re: Susan and Hillary


I agree with your assessment of Susan's and Hillary's connection. Plus, I would love to hear more about your meeting with Hillary. That must have been a thrill to meet her. Tell us more.


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On my myspace page, I was noticing the other night that it was filled with tributes to Susan Hayward AND Hillary Clinton. I realized I was subconsciously getting the connection---two strong women ahead of their times.

Jill, my husband met Hillary Clinton on a daily basis for about a week back in the 80's. I might have told you about this. I'll let Gloria share her experience first and then I'll share my husband's. He has never forgotten her, and has admired ever since. He is disgusted and disappointed in what has happened also.

Re: Re: Re: Susan and Hillary/My Hillary story

Well, here is my Hillary Clinton story.

When we lived in Little Rock, Arkansas in the early 1980's, I received a phone call one night from none other than Bill Clinton! He had been governor of Arkansas twice, but at this particular time, he was in between governorships. He wasn't actually the governor when he called.

It was a cold Sunday night and he, Hillary, and Chelsea, had just gotten back from Chicago to a very cold house in Little Rock. He had seen our yellow pages add (My husband had a heating and air conditioning business at the time), and Bill Clinton had called for help.

Okay, now I can say I've actually talked to a president.. ha

Anyway, the following week, my husband and his men worked at the Clinton's home installing a new unit. The Clintons, at the time, lived in an older home in the Heights area of Little Rock, but it had lots of character, a sort of refurbished old fashioned home. I don't even think they owned it. I'm pretty sure they were renting it.

Hillary came out every day after she got home from work and talked to my husband, Bob, and his men. She was genuinely interested in them and their lives. She wasn't running for an office. She was just being her kind self. Bob has never forgotten this. I think they worked at the Clinton home for about 4 days.

One day, one of the men had to use the Clinton's phone. He said while he was on the phone, he saw Chelsea in her little walker! How time flies! Hillary was puttering around in the kitchen (baking cookies, maybe?.. LOL).

Bill Clinton came by once, I think, and talked to Bob and the guys. Bob said he was so amazed at how tall the guy is and he was very charismatic.

BTW,Did I ever tell you that I went to high school with Gennifer Flowers? She is from my hometown. My mom taught her in Sunday School. When all that mess broke out about her and Bill and when he was first running for president, someone called my mom and said, "Didn't you teach her in Sunday School?".. and my mom said, "yes, and I taught her right, but I can't help it if she didn't. listen.".. LOL

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You had previously told me the story about your husband's coming to the Clinton's aid when their heating didn't work, and like you, I wished that all the people who think Hillary cold could have heard this story, for it shows what the woman has always been about, and that's being interested in people.

However, you didn't tell me about Gennifer Flowers! I agree with your mother: obviously, Ms. Flowers didn't take her teachings to heart, LOL.

Re: Susan and Hillary


Thanks for telling us that great story about Hillary. You had told me about it before but this version was a little more detailed -- and I didn't know you actually spoke with Bill. How lucky! The Gennifer Flowers' connection is wild, too. Talk about six degrees of separation. Yeah, she certainly didn't learn anything in Sunday school. Little Rock sounds like a soap opera town, with everyone seemingly knowing everyone else.

Re: Re: Susan and Hillary/and also Gennifer

Jill and Gloria, Gennifer (we called her Geanie)(her dad's name was Gene Flowers), was two years younger than me. Oh, now she was something. She was an only child and her parents spoiled her rotten. They were always taking her up to Nashville to try to make her a singing star. She cut a record or two. I think they were played on our small town radio station, maybe others, but I don't think she got very far with her singing. Later on, I think she was singing more.

She is from Brinkley, Arkansas, my little hometown, and I guess she is probably our most famous person except there is a famous jazz singer from there named Louis...something.. ( not armstrong)...I can't remember his name.. but he is actually pretty famous. Now, I'm gonna have to look that up.

Geannie is very short. I don't think she is even 5 ft. I actually think she is very sad now. I feel sorry for her. The latest I have heard about her is that she is selling downloads for 1.99 off of the internet of her memories of Bill Clinton.

She was showered with gifts, clothes, and money, attention, -- you know.. all of it , by her parents--she didn't know anything really but how to be self-absorbed.

Well, I'm rambling, but since I was on the subject, thought I'd just let it all hang out!

It's ironic. really. Hillary looks beautiful, and who knows how many face lifts Gennifer has had. She is hardly recognizable to what I remember about her.

Re: Re: Re: Susan and Hillary/and also Gennifer

Pretty sad story about Gennifer Flowers, Ginger. I think we have all known girls like her, and I often wonder what happened to them later in life.

Reminds me of something that happened to my best friend, Charlotte the Movie Maven, almost a month ago. She had a high-school reunion, to which I drove her since she doesn't have a car.

While she was checking into the hotel, some other women came in from out of town, and there was a big reunion in the hotel lobby (including one woman who remembered me, even though I wasn't in Charlotte's graduation class. 2She had worked for a doctor of mine about 20 years ago!).

Anyway, as I listened to the conversation between Charlotte and her friends, the name of a third girl came up. Of course, it was the school vamp (we all had one, right?). This girl was supposed to have it all -- figure, face, and naturally, the boys, with whom she was very popular, but not only because of her looks. The three women could hardly wait to see her, as they had gotten an e-mail from her and knew she'd be attending the reunion.

Charlotte made sure to take pictures of the reunion, and afterward, I saw five women, including Charlotte, standing outside the hotel. The really heavy one (hey, I'm trying to be kind; she was obese)in the front, with the sallow-looking complexion and ill-fitting clothes was...you guessed it: the vamp.

All I could think of was, my, how the mighty have fallen. I guess the same can be said for Gennifer Flowers.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Susan and Hillary/and also Gennifer

Well, ya know, Gloria.. I know this is mean, but sometimes revenge is sweet.. LOL