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Did anyone see Susan in this film? I must have blinked or looked away for a second, because I sure didn't see her.

I do have to laugh though...since part of this plot must have been stolen, when they made SINGIN' IN THE RAIN. All the thing about someone who can't sing a note, so he uses the talented Dick Powell as his shadow-voice. Yep!!
So SINGIN' IN THE RAIN, even though it is a wonderful film...stole part of their plot from 1934's HOLLYWOOD HOTEL...

AND...ANOTHER THING...which I have always got a big chuckle about is that, although SINGIN' IN THE RAIN is now known as one of the Best Musicals...ever..on film...DID NOT..WIN..the OSCAR for Best Musical Score that year! THAT AWARD...went to...aaahhh, let me see...(Oh Yes)..THAT OTHER GREAT MUSICAL from the same year...WITH A SONG IN MY HEART.

There is one thing that SINGIN' IN THE RAIN fans can never dispute! SUSAN'S...film and her great voice-overs that, to this day, I don't have ever been surpassed...left '...RAIN'...with a 'cloudy loss' in what they figured was a certian WIN for the night.

Well....as the late, great JULIE LONDON used to croon

From..ME...the Bad Errol-Man...


Errol, the synopsis for this movie said that Susan was briefly in it. That must have meant it her onscreen time was really short. I myself didn't see the movie -
so I can't comment on whether or not she was actually in it. I guess in her early
movies she had abbreviated roles.


I think I had watched that movie before looking for Susan and never found her. She may have been in a crowd scene..? It's a mystery.

Re: Re: Re: "HOLLYWOOD HOTEL"...OK...I'LL BITE....>>>

Being a long time Susan fan...I AM aware that it has always been listed as a film she was IN...But so were about 100 other 'extras'...and I think that is just what this was, since this was at the beginning of her Hollywood days. But if she's in this one (and she probably is...(somewhere)...you'd have to be sharper on the eye than I am. I recorded it..so I checked it out AGAIN..and this time I 'didn't blink'...(lol) but still couldn't find her...so I erased the tape, since I didn't find it a very good film anyway.

I do like FRANCES LANGFORD and for that reason, alone, I would have kept the film, had it been a very good film...OR...even had MORE of Langford in it. But she didn't get much either..but when she was on singing..she was terrific!!

This is an actress that I really missed out on, until I started a 'new hobbie' of collecting old radio shows and was lucky enough to get a few of THE BICKERSONS with Langford, DON AMECHE and the up and coming comic...DANNY THOMAS. I find them still funny, even in 2008.