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Ginger..hope you don't mind me mentioning your Susan site, on Turner Classic Movies. I guess I should have checked with you first, but I went to the movie suggestion area and wanted to post some films.

My eye caught two new entries from people wanting to see BACK STREET. Their comments were about how 'great' Susan was...so I posted a suggestion for WOMAN OBSESSED, which is never seen. I also mentioned the 'two entries' for Susan films and told them if they wanted to check out the greatest site on Susan to check yours..then put the email address for your site. I also suggested that other film lovers should check out the works of 'one of the best ever'...Susan

I then thought..this is a perfect time to ask them to put even MORE SUSAN films than they do. I also thought it might be a chance to list some of the Hayward films that film fans might not even know about..so I posted all of Susan's Oscar nominated films. Maybe there will be some...who will check it out and a whole new flock of Susan fans might show up at your site.

It's true that TCM never gives her the air time that they do some of these other stars...and I'm talking about the ones who are ALWAYS MENTIONED and their film constantly seen on TCM. Not that these weren't great stars..but I getting tired of GRETA GARBO, KATHARINE HEPBURN, BETTE DAVIS, JOAN CRAWFORD films filling up their schedule all the time. I like every one of these women, but sometimes enough is enough and we need to see films of other great film stars.
SUSAN was the BEST in my book...and always will be.
I think you need to 'prod' these people sometimes and keep 'prodding' them..until they finally put some of her films on..more often. You see more of Susan on FOX than TCM..and then FOX only shows the same ones over and over again.

It used to be a 'holiday' if you checked and found that WITH A SONG IN MY HEART was finally going to have a 'special' viewing. NOW..that they have released the dvd..you can check it out on FOX all the time. The same with I'D CLIMB THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN, THE FIGHTING SEEBEES and DEMITRIUS AND THE GLADIATORS. ADA even shows up now and then..but there are soooo many of the other great ones she made, that are never seen...

Soooo...every once in a while I am going to push TCM for some of the titles that we never see. Who knows..
they might even get some of them on. Hope so...



I will be sure to pass along your comments if I get a chance to talk to Robert Osborne when or if he hosts another event at the Academy. Before I got TCM and even knew who he was I could have chatted with him as he stood in the lobby of the Academy surrounded by fans. I didn't know anything about him then so I didn't approach him. Now, if that occurs again, I will ask him about why we don't see more of Susan's films. So far, he has hosted the salute to Olivia de Havilland, doing a great job interviewing her, and the Bette Davis centennial.

BTW, welcome back, and I am so happy that you are once again in good health.



I have a feeling the reason we don't see more of her films is the fact so many of them were produced by Twentieth Century-Fox, and I don't think TCM owns the rights to them.


Errol, of course I don't care if you give TCM my website url for Susan.. thanks..

Also, I need to prod them also.. just keep sending emails and maybe getting on the message board..might help.

I don't know why they overlook Susan Hayward so much either. Robert Osborne was the last person to interview her, wasn't he? At least that is what I am recalling from Linet's book. He always speaks so respectfully of her when they do a play or film of hers.

Howard, you may be right, but still there are many films that she made that weren't 20th century Fox. Back Street, for example, was Universal International and she made a few films at Warner Brothers and many at Paramount...also some more independent type films. There is a treasure chest of films out there, I would think, without even bothering Fox's vault.


THANKS JILL...Good to see you are still here too! I am feeling a lot better and just finished THE FANTASTICKS and there are auditions for THE SECRET GARDEN this Friday...Not sure yet!!

If you do talk with Osborne, I think he would be delighted to hear of people wanting to see her films, because he has given her great praise on all the times they have played her films. I know one time, he said that Susan was one of a kind and I feel from these comments, that he is a fan too!


HI Howard...I used to think the same as you...but then I would see yet another slip through the archives and out of the vault (since TCM has soo many)..and then it appears on TCM...(ONCE...BUT THEN LOCKED UP AGAIN FOR WAY TOO LONG)

Some of the ones I have seen this happen with were...
MY FOOLISH HEART, THE SAXON CHARM, AMONG THE LIVING, UNTAMED, SOLDIER OF FORTUNE (which at one time they over played)..YOUNG AND WILLING, RAWHIDE, THE LUSTY MEN, THE HAIRY APE, THE LOST MOMENT, HOUSE OF STRANGERS, SMASH-UP THE STORY OF A WOMAN (they have a BAD print of this one) and only ONCE did I see WOMAN OBSESSED on TCM..But these have all shown there and then disappeared.

It seems that the only ones they will play are I'LL CRY TOMORROW, I WANT TO LIVE! and about four years they did show WITH A SONG IN MY HEART..(twice that I know of..because I got prints from TCM on both times it showed)

BY THE WAY....I read some chats from awhile back, about the dvd of WASIMH not being very good..color wise. I have not bought the dvd yet...because the copies that I got from TCM and then again, now that it plays on FOX..a lot...are the BEST!! My copies from tv were so good, with the 3-strip Tehcnicolor, that I'm not sure I want to purchase the dvd now.
When seen..as it should be seen..it has some of the most beautiful 3-strip ever seen.


HI Ginger...You are soooo right! She may have been under contract with FOX..but she made a slew of great films before (and during) the FOX contract days.

I really wish people would 'look' at how many )not just Susan's but other stars too)...how many GREAT films came out of lil' Ol' RKO RADIO PICTURES. I think RKO has never been given credit for the excellent work that came out of a studio that was suppose to be more of a 'B' picture studio.

Now...when I look at the beginning of the films that have become 'classics' or 'favorties'...RKO ranks up there right along MGM, 20TH CENTURY FOX and WARNER BROS.

SUSAN...made some darn good films there! So did ROBERT MITCHUM, JANE RUSSELL, ORSON WELLS, CLAUDETTE COLBERT (the bun lady..an inside joke that only Ginger and Jill might remember as to why I call her that)..EDWARD G. ROBINSON, WALTER PIDGEON..well the list of HOLLYWOOD STARS...could go on and on. Just check them out on TCM and you'll see what I mean.