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Happy Independence Day!

To all Susan's great fans, I hope you and yours have a wonderful, safe July 4th.

Re: Happy Independence Day!

Thanks, Gloria.. I hope you and everyone else had a good and safe 4th. It's almost midnight here, and I can still hear the fireworks outside, up and down,and all around. We sure know how to party on the 4th, don't we?.. LOL

I remember one of the most special 4th of July's was in July, 2002, when I was visiting my daughter in NYC on the 4th. This was the first 4th of July after 9/11.
Well, the city turned out bigtime, proud, defiant, strong, and crazy with fun! It was one of the most beautiful 4th of July's I've ever experienced. I'll never forget those huge smiles in the sky.

Re: Re: Happy Independence Day!

I remember that specific July 4th well, Ginger, because I think the rest of the country had the same defiant air about it. If the terrorists thought we were all going to run and put our heads under the covers, they were mistaken. Although we hurt then and still do, Americans are pretty hardy people, and we always snap back, don't we? Especially when an outside force attacks us.

Believe it or not, Ginger, I had hoped to be able to get to NYC for a couple days on July 2nd and 3rd to meet our friend -- and probably the biggest Susan Hayward fan of all -- Trish, who's here in the U.S. Unfortunately, however, I have a sick cat and dog who need medicating every day, so I'm being Dr. Mom and couldn't get away to see Trish and maybe take in a show. But I did have a lovely lunch on Friday with my friend Charlotte the Movie Maven, and I expect to see another friend today.

But the best part of the weekend so far is that my Philadelphia Phillies baseball team won their last four games and are still on top in the National League East. While others were watching the fireworks last night, I was watching them create their own fireworks against the hated New York Mets.