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"They Won't Believe Me," on TV, on July 17

Susan co-stars with Robert Young, in this 1947 film. She doesn't fare very well,
as the 'other woman.' The film plays on Turner Classic Movies channel on
July 17, Thursday. Check local listings for the time in your area.

Re: "They Won't Believe Me," on TV, on July 17

NOW...here's one that I MUST get a real good copy of, when it plays. TCM has the best copy of ones that were shown either on FOX, TCM or AMC...and it has shown on all of them...but I need a new, clean copy of this one.

NO...Susan plays the smaller role...but the story is still all about what happens to her. And this time the female lead was one of Susan's most outspoken rivals...

Still seems very funny, to me, that you usually only hear about TWO FEMALE STARS that really had 'it in' for Susan...JANE GREER and JAYNE MEADOWS. Even JANE WYMAN never spoke..and continued to speak badly of Susan...even when she thought RONNIE REAGAN was paying too much attention to the firey redhead, when the three of them...and some other starlets toured with LOUELLA PARSONS (who adored Susan)...in a tour that was to promote all the rising stars involved.

BUT....even to this day, JANE #1 and JAYNE #2 will always complain how 'cold' and 'distant' Susan was, when working with her on THEY WON'T BELIEVE ME and WHERE LOVE HAS GONE (for Jane #1) and DAVID AND BATHSHEBA (for Jayne #2).

When I say all of this...it is when they were ALIVE, since I think JAYNE of the MEADOWS passed away..?? and I'm not sure of JANE in the GREER being dead of alive. But it was only two years ago that both of their 'quotes' on Susan were still being bounced around, whenever Susan's name would come up.

Of course..I reported a while back about JAYNE OF THE MEADOWS swearing that the truth was...GREGORY PECK, while shooting DAVID AND BATHSHEBA was to have said
"WHAT DO I NEED SUSAN HAYWARD FOR MY BATHSHEBA, WHEN I HAVE...YOU.." (I kinda think she was, in a round about way, indicating that she (MEADOWS-JAYNE) was maybe...having a little 'affair' with PECK> Of course 'that too'..may have been of her own imagination, like her remark on Susan, I think was.

You never heard AGNES MOOREHEAD, ANNE BANCROFT, DEBRA PAGET or RITA MORENO cut Susan down...and they ALL worked with Susan (all but Bancroft)..MORE THAN ONCE!

I ALSO can only think of ONE MALE ACTOR who disliked working with Susan...That being ROBERT MITCHUM...and that was because Susan didn't appericiate his 'foul language'...so he named her 'the Ole Grey Mare' to other members of the crew. They wound up 'having' to make two films together..RKO wanted SUSAN for THE LUSTY MEN, with MITCHUM...The deal was made through FOX that they could use her...providing the two of them signed to do a film for FOX...which was WHITE WITCH DOCTOR. It was reported that neither Hayward nor Mitchum wanted to do the one for FOX...because of it not being a picture which would do either of their careers much good...but also wanted OUT of this contract...so they wouldn't have to work together again. SOOOO...I guess not all films, when under contracts, were 'the stuff dreams are made of'...right??

Re: Re: "They Won't Believe Me," on TV, on July 17

Errol, I don't recall that Jayne Meadows passed away, but I'll look it up. I saw her on Larry King, a year or so I guess, but I haven't heard anything about her since.

Re: "They Won't Believe Me," on TV, on July 17

Jayne Meadows is alive and kicking.

Re: Re: "They Won't Believe Me," on TV, on July 17

That's why I put the question marks (??) when I said about any of them dying..and someone had told me that they thought that Steve Allen's wife had passed away.

That's they only time I heard it...and usually Kerry fills me in on those who have passed away, since living here in the desert of Utah...you might find out about a movie star dying..but they may have died weeks ago, before we get the news.

So...let her keep on....'kicking'..