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One of my new hobbies is collecting old radio programs.
They are great and relaxing to hear in bed, just before nodding off to sleep.

So far I have many of the AMOS N ANDY shows, BOB HOPE COLGATE SHOWS, THE WHISTLER (my favorite!) and have just started on THE SHADOW.

I used to buy these through two different outlets, but have now found a bigger and better selection for FREE that you can download in a matter of minutes for each episode.

When I was buying them, two of their magazines came out with NEW RELEASES FOR THE TIME PERIOD. SUSAN'S name was on these two covers. They are big lists and I kept looking to see WHAT shows she was doing for radio.

I am thinking they must have been from THE LUX RADIO THEATER, which as a kid, you couldn't pull me away from the radio on Monday nights until I had just heard the radio-play of new films, that were now showing in theaters everywhere.

This was started by CECIL B. DE MILLE and it continued on many years after he stopped being the master of ceremonies. These were full hour shows of major motion pictures..sometimes with the original cast or other Hollywood stars in the roles that someone else was playing on the silver screen.

I remember that they were still doing 'repeats' from the past in 1960 and I know this radio theater started in the '30's.

In 1960...I did record (on a reel to reel tape recorder...OMG...I AM OLD...aren't I... ) It was Susan Hayward and Dana Andrews in MY FOOLISH HEART.
I wish I could find more that she might have been in and since it is a new hobbie..I will share this with you when I come across any she might have played in.

I now have..from LUX RADIO THEATER....
LIFEBOAT with Talullah Bankhead, IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE with both James Stewart and Donna Reed, CASABLANCA with Alan Ladd and Hedy Lamarr, SHOP AROUND THE CORNER with both James Stewart and Jean Arthur. SORRY WRONG NUMBER with Barbara Stanwyck, WINCHESTER 73 with James Stewart and Julia Adams and a few more that I haven't heard yet.

If any of you know of what else Susan might have done on radio, please let me know. There were three other radio shows that did similar to Lux..but..Campbell Playhouse, Playhouse 90...etc so she could have been in some of those. I will keep on looking...

Re: ANY....SUSAN...ON...RADIO...??? Or Lillian on tape/video/dvd

Off topic...well at least off-medium....I've been looking for a recording of Lillian's episode on This is Your Life...anyone know where I could find a copy??

Re: ANY....SUSAN...ON...RADIO...???

Errol, I love listening to old time radio and also current radio. I am an Imus fan so he puts me to sleep (laughing as I go to sleep) a lot of nights--his podcasts.

I have a collection of CDs that I bought from ebay a couple of years ago. I don't think I have even listened to them all, but they are all Susan from radio. One, I can recall is "I Can Get It For You Wholesale." I'll have to look through the collection to see what else is there.

I remember she did "Hold Back The Dawn" , "The Dead Sleep Lightly," and "The Petrified Forest."... I'll have to go through my collection and see what I have.. but it might be a good idea to check out ebay, because the guy just makes copies of these and sells them over and over -- which may not be legal, but I don't know how else to obtain them. I was happy to get the collection and I don't think the price was too high.

I'll see if I can find out more info.

Yes, I love old time radio.

Re: ANY....SUSAN...ON...RADIO...???

I for one love old time radio...Errol, check out Ebay, they have 7 CD's of Susan in some of her Old Time Radio Broadcasts, some that Ginger mentioned. Good to hear from you....

Re: Re: ANY....SUSAN...ON...RADIO...???

Thanks...Ginger and Ray..I will check them out...and,
Ginger, you answered the thing that has been driving me crazy, when I saw those two covers of Radio Spirits magazine...but as much as I searched, I just couldn't find the Lux film she was in. It would have been HOLD BACK THE DAWN, because they were doing a big promo on that and a few other big films.

It never gave the stars that were in the Lux version, but if she did that one...that would have been the ad with her name in it.

THANKS...It is good to finally get that one solved!!