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Susan's Home In Ft. Lauderdale

I recently drove up Nurmi Drive in Ft. Lauderdale to pass by Susan's former residence. Sadly, it has been torn down & a new home is being built. I could kick myself for not taking a photo of it, all those times I drove by. It's sad to see one of the last standing 50's ranch style homes gone. It was always nice to drive there & think of Susan, or take visitors & show them her house. The house always looked like it was in good condition, & IMHO was worth owning because Susan had lived there once. Unfortunatly, people don't look at things that way nowadays. There's only big, garish mansions along the water now.

Re: Susan's Home In Ft. Lauderdale

That is a shame I agree. Unfortunately now, any waterfront land, beach front, canal etc, is so immensely sought after and valuable, that older style properties stand very little chance against developers.

A similar situation exists in the CBD's of large cities. Unless something is heritage listed or protected somehow, the urge to put multi storey residentials or commercial / retail creations there is all consuming.

I remember being on a ship stopping in Florida for one day only in December 1969, en route to England. As a matter of curiosity, I looked at a telephone directory in a public booth near the dock and was amazed to see a listing for Susan under the name of Mrs. E. Chalkley ( I guess I always assumed that any star of that dimension would be ex directory.)

And yes - I did telephone - and no, the phone rang out.


Re: Re: Susan's Home In Ft. Lauderdale

Kerry, how neat that you had called Susan! If there had been answering machines back then, you could have left a message!..very interesting that her number was listed in the phone directory.

Blooeyz..thanks for sharing about your drive up to Nurmi. It is sad to think about the house being gone even though I had never seen it..still it's a memory and others like you , who live close, could take a drive , look, and remember from time to time....actually a few years ago, someone posted some info on this board. It seems he had posted a photo of the house but I can't remember for sure. I'll check back in the old pages of this site and see if I can see where that discussion was....thanks for sharing.

Re: Re: Re: Susan's Home In Ft. Lauderdale

I found the Nurmi Drive discussion of 2004.. but no photo.. if you type in Nurmi Drive in the search on the website, it will take you to the discussion.. however, after reading a post, when you hit the back button, it takes you back to the first page the this site, so it's kind of a pain to try and read it all, but it's probably worth it to most if you haven't read the discussion.

Re: : Susan's Home In Ft. Lauderdale

Hi Ginger

I just took your advice and went to the discussion about Susan's Fla. home. For some lucky reason it was not necessary for me to navigate through all those messages in the annoying fashion that you had predicted.(YIPPEEE!) I was able to go through in sequence, to directly click onto each message.That was enjoyable to read about. I knew she had a condo in that city but had not known of her living there in an individual house. How sad that it is now gone. You would think more money could have been made from it by letting it stand as a museum to the star(ala Graceland is to Elvis). I suppose that exclusive neighborhood's rules would not have allowed for public parking and loitering around, waiting in line to see the place though. Too bad.Time moves on and waits for no one. ANN

Re: Susan's Home In Ft. Lauderdale

Thanks for the information re Susan's house on Nurmi Drive. That was one place she lived that I hadn't visited. It would have been great to have seen a picture of it as I have taken pictures of her homes in Carrollton, Longridge Avenue (the first one) and Laurel Way plus her old high school in Brooklyn.


Re: Susan's Home In Ft. Lauderdale

Oh, how funny that you called her, Kerry! That would be awesome if there were answering machines back then.. lol. This has nothing to do with homes, but I just remembered something. I bought "The Films of Susan Hayward" online by Moreno once, and you know what I found inside? There was a receipt from a place called Smallwood's Grocery in Carrollton, George. On the back there are some directions to something. Maybe it was to her home or something! Haha. I thought it was very funny.

Re: Re: Susan's Home In Ft. Lauderdale

Desiree, I heard twilight zone music when you said you found a receipt from a store in Carrollton inside the book..very interesting.

Re: Susan's Home In Ft. Lauderdale

Ooooooh, scary. Haha. I wish I could go to Georgia and see all those places. Georgia is soooo far. :(

Re: Susan's Home In Ft. Lauderdale

I took a picture of her home at 220 Nurmi Drive with my camera
in 1976 when I took a break from University in Toronto.
I also took a pic of the condo she lived in (to the 9th floor)
at 333 Sunset Drive, Fort Lauderdale. I spoke to the couple
[from Montreal, Quebec] who bought her home on Nurmi Drive,
and they described o me what it looked like when Ms. Hayward
lived there, before they renovated. Everything was yellow and white
and a lot of mirrors!
Rick Sisson

Re: Susan's Home In Ft. Lauderdale

Rick, how cool! And so you know what my question would be? Do you have still have your photos??...would be neat to post them here. If you sent then to me at my email address, I could get them here at the board.


No pressure... just wondering... :)

I think yellow was her favorite color from what I have read...don't know that for certain, however.

Her favorite flowers were yellow roses.